Simple Ways to Generate Buzz About Your Blog

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When it comes to the success of your blog – there is no way that you can achieve success by simply writing articles, posting them and then going offline. Today’s world is marketing oriented. Even if you write good quality content, you must have the ability to market them well.

It is important that you let people know that your blog exists since you cannot expect people to visit your blog when they are not even aware of it. Letting people know about your blog and talk about your blog is called generating buzz and that is done by smart marketing and a little bit of diligence.

Here are a few tips to generate buzz:

Cheer For Your Blog

Guest Post Like a Mad Man

Write on your blog first – then quickly type out a lot of quality articles that every webmaster would like to have on their blog. Once you are ready with content – go submit your article to different authority blogs. This way you will find that more and more people become aware of your blog and its existence. Always try to target high-traffic blogs that can send a lot of readers your way.

Guest posting is a super-effective way of generating buzz – and at the same time most under used. You must guest post a lot – that means even 20 blogs each month if possible.

Get on the Blogroll/Top Commenter List

All blogs have a blogroll and these days almost all bloggers are also using the top commenters plugin. These show the link of your blog in the sidebar of the blog. So when a visitor is browsing that site then he could see your link and click on it.

Even if they do not click, they will definitely read the name of your blog and that is also generating buzz in a way as they will recognize you sub-consciously.

Email other Bloggers

You can always email other bloggers telling them your name and the blog where you write. You can add that you would like to stay in touch with them. Most bloggers would never mind this and would actually be open to network with you.

Try to go for medium to low level bloggers – avoid the biggies of blogging world. Just make sure that your email does not look spammy.

Blogger Meets

Attend blogger meets in your city or make a bloggers circle where you can meet other bloggers in person and help in spreading publicity about you and your blog. Indiblogger recently organized blogger meets all over India.

Hope you found this post useful to generate buzz about your blog. Do you have any other way to generate buzz?

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  1. Simrandeep Singh says:

    Above mentioned points are best for new bloggers. Guest posting is best out of these. But if a blogger is rich he can advertise on his niche blogs to create a buzz about his blog.

  2. Binoy xavier says:

    I am planning to guest post on tech blogs soon. Hope to get some exposure 🙂

  3. Definitely this helps with building the buzz. Other options are banner ads, free PRO news/listing etc. However, you have to also have organic buzz building a.k.a SEO

  4. ako says:

    get free dofollow backlinks:

  5. Cool tips Arun. Thanks also congrats for Winning the Windows 7 from Nirmal Tv 🙂

  6. Manesh says:

    Thanks for the post

  7. Free vector Stock says:

    Guest blogging is a good idea. It will drive more traffic to your blog surely. 🙂

  8. Ueek says:

    It’s been quite a pleasure reading through your post. This opens up and helps me in some good areas of what I am doing as a career! I also have created lens to share some of my own thoughts and ideas and you can as well learn through this link about hiring a painting contractor. Thanks again you’re a blessing! 🙂

  9. Jagan says:

    Guest blogging is sure a good idea but I think the blogs which revolves around competitive exams do not have backlinks

  10. Ashfame says:

    Heck, I find very less time to write on my own blog. Where can I find time to guest blog? :/

  11. Gagan says:

    I’ve never attended any Blogger Meet, but willing to join one. i think it will help me getting my blog noticed.

  12. Nomar says:

    I like the points you are talking about! Trying to get my blog more popular to, at 40 subscribers right now and planning to be at 50 + asap!

    Blogger meets are unkown for me so far, maybe i should search for some in my area

  13. Sandeep says:

    Great ideas!!

    You can even promote your blog by submitting articles to article directories. There are so many benefits of doing so.


  14. Tech Maish says:

    Guest Blogging is now one of the best technique to get stable and quality links for your blog. Great tip arun.

  15. Virtual Agent says:

    Will social bookmarks or directory submission help in generating those buzz? What other ways other than commenting and guest blogging can you share?

  16. Sandeep says:

    Guest Blogging and Commenting on other blogs works well. You should never take a chance to ignore them.

  17. Sim So Dep says:

    Great blog post, I will keep these points in mind the next time I write a blog post. Keep em coming!

  18. Amanda J. Midgette says:

    Create an article with a catchy topic. You can also make an article that guides its readers more like an informative type. For business, it should be an introduction of your product/services. Like what I did to my painting contractor blog.

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