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Drive Traffic To Your Blog With Every Tweet is good; I loved their statistics and the idea of choosing custom URL’s, but now is closing down. U.NU is amazing for its simplicity and just-what-you-need style. (I don’t use just because everyone else use it). Then one day, I tried – the StumbleUpon baby. Its amazing.

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Getting Things Done with Tudumo

In a TED Presentation, David Pogue says exactly how Simplicity Sells when it comes to Software design. I think Tudumo is just what simplicity is meant to be. I can say that because I actually sold a copy of it. Tudumo is a To-Do list maker. It is a clean and elegant way to manage your tasks.

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Image Editing Tools and Resources

If you might remember, last month I started doing a post sharing the best links I share on @MillionClues. The theme was WordPress last time, this month its about Images.

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Get the Shortest URLS the Fastest Way

There is a faster way to get the URL shortened, without using any bandwidth. I made a bookmarklet using the simple API and here it is…

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Upload PDF Forms, Get Feedback, Fill and Share them Easily

FillAnyPDF lets you fill in PDF forms and share them online. You don’t even have to create the fields, FillAnyPDF can let you write anywhere on a PDF; No more printouts and faxes.

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