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Increment A Number In A Cell When Another Cell Is Edited

I use a Google sheet to generate and manage invoices for my clients. The process is fairly simple. One sheet holds the Name, address and contact details of the client. I enter the clients ID into a box for whom

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Hide Rows In Google Sheets Based On Value Of Cell

I am a fan of Google sheets for collaborative work. To manage an ongoing Todo for the development of Super Progressive Web Apps WordPress Plugin, me and my partner uses Google sheets. We use data validation to set the status

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“Good Enough” Internet is NOT an Option when Working From Home

An article by outside contributor, Becky Wilcox It’s infuriating when you’re set to launch or submit work and your net connection drops out. Even worse, losing the work because of the shoddy connection. Good Internet is one thing I’d add

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6 Amazing Benefits Of Using A Salon Software

Software makes our lives easier. That’s one of the reasons why I spend more time on making content for my salon site instead of advertising in the newspaper. The problem is: a lot of people still use old-fashioned tactics (read:

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5 Reasons to choose WordPress Hosting when starting a Business

When it comes to starting your online business there are a lot of things that you as the proprietor need to take care of. Right from deciding the niche of your business, marketing, social media presence, building your website and

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