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How many Hours should you Research on your First Blog

I have met some people who spend days and weeks researching on blogging, reading success stories and reading all the blogging tips out there. Here is the advice I give them.

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Free PDF Creator helps Print Web Forms

I have only one practical application of a PDF Printer, but that’s one thing that hasn’t got a replacement. A PDF Printer comes handy to print filled out web forms. I cant think of an easier way to do it.

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Making Money Online Still a Good Option In India?

This is analogous to the situation in India. Look around us. How many doctors or photographers have a website of their own? How many hotels have a online reservation service? Wont they all need a website in the near future? Who will provide online support for them? Who will market them online?

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Easily Learn WordPress Functions Using Inbuilt Documentation Lookup

WordPress comes with many easy-to-use functions which are called into the themes where ever needed. How do you know the purpose of a function?

You can Google it and find the details or, you can also use the WordPress Theme Editor.

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How to use WordPress to Create a User Generated Content Site

WordPress is undoubtedly one of the best platforms for blogging. However it can be easily used to create a user generated content site as well.

To get an idea about what I am talking about, you may check the website second hand bikes.

The method that I used can be easily used to create product review sites, digg like social news site and many more using the familiar wordpress platform and basic PHP and mysql knowledge.

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