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The Mantra to Magic Presentations

A little while ago, I wrote ‘7 Tips to Make your Next Presentation Impressive’. Those tips will should help you impress the crowd, but we are not looking for good impressions. We need awesomeness!

As a confession, I missed out one very important tip in that post.

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Building Websites and Making Money with WordPress – Presentation

I was at College of Engineering, Thalassery, yesterday giving a talk on how to easily build websites using WordPress. Here are the slides and notes.

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Fantastico Installer and WordPress Privacy. Watch it

It has come to my notice that, some people including but not limited to Todd, forgets to change their privacy setting and hence, their blog seldom gets indexed, no matter how they try.

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8 Steps to Blog Faster without Loosing Grip

I knew I had to write faster and write more, but I wanted to maintain the quality per post. So loose posts was not an option.

Instead I did the following changes to my style, you can use some of these.

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3 Better Uses for Digg

Once I tried to crack into Digg, but gave up the plan after a discussion with @ManiKarthik for many reasons. But I have come to find Digg very useful for other things. Here are they.

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