How many Hours should you Research on your First Blog

I read about blogging in an issue of ‘The Week’ and my first blog went live in about 2 hours after that. Some how I found the name, Million Clues, fascinating that day and I never had to rename it.

I have met some people who spend days and weeks researching on blogging, reading success stories and reading all the blogging tips out there. Here is the advice I give them.

Just do it.

Learning to Swim

Photo by Cheryl Empey

You could read a hundred books on swimming, but to learn it you have to actually get wet.

Blogging is not easy, you have to come up with fresh content frequently. Whatever be your primary motive, it takes time and effort to bring home results.

So the first job is to find out if you can do it or not. Start off with a free blog at or first. Write about the stuffs you like. I wrote about my hair gel, my experience at a bank and random stuffs from daily life.

Tweak the theme and play around. Install some scripts and have fun.

Also learn something new every day and practice them. Learn to write good titles – Learn the basics of SEO – learn how RSS feeds work and anything related to blogging.

After a while, say 2 or 3 months, if you are still blogging, you would have figured out your real interests. Now it’s the time to graduate.

Now get yourself a self-hosted WordPress blog. Move some of your best posts from the old one to the new home. Incorporate what you have learned during the past three months.

Blogging with a Plan

Here is a good plan once you are on your new blog, thanks to Anand.

First 6 months: Grab as many keyword posts as you can. does not matter if you are not rank instantly, but just target really good keyword with constant traffic in your niche.

Don’t even dream about getting comments on your posts at this time and have a constant rhythm of posts with hot keywords. As your blog gets older, they will get the authority and ranking they deserve.

6 months – 1 year: …

Read the rest of the plan.

Remember, there is a lot of difference between knowing to do something and actually doing it. Happy Blogging.

How about you?

How much time did you spend on your first blog? What’s your starting story?

Hello, I am Arun Basil Lal. Thank you for reading!

I am a WordPress product developer and creator of Image Attributes Pro. I am passionate about solving problems and travelling the world.

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  1. stc043 says:

    Even though i did not read this before i set off my first blog , i seem to follow the gameplan 🙂 first blogger then wordpress !

  2. niciseoul says:

    Kind of ironic finding this, after I’ve spent weeks, no months researching, to create a concept for that new online project of mine.
    “Just do it.”
    Very well said ^^

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