Revolution 2 Premium WordPress Themes – Free Download

Note: I am often emailed asking for help regarding these themes, if you need me, you can always hire me as your designer and SEO. As an added offer, if you purchase the StudioPress Pro Plus All-Theme Package using my referral (i.e., by following links from here), I will help you install the theme and recommended WordPress plugins for free. Contact me with your sales details (Sale ID).

The Revolution StudioPress team had recently made their whole set of Premium Themes available for free download. Soon, they removed the free tag and made all the themes premium themes. Which means you can’t download them for free anymore.

Luckily, I had downloaded almost all of the themes when they were freely available. Here I present, the whole set of Revolution Two StudioPress Premium WordPress Themes. All of them are available for Free Direct Download.

Update: The StudioPress teams have dramatically upgraded these themes and now includes many cool features not present in with the older versions that you will find here. And they are gonna upgrade them every now and then with never seen before features. So if you are going to use any of these themes for something that you are passionate about, I recommend you get the latest themes.

The Free Copies in here are outdated.
Get The Latest Versions From StudioPress!
(Latest Versions are Fully Automated)

Common Features:

Adsense Ready: All Revolution Two Themes have a Theme Options Menu in the WordPress Admin. You can add your Adsense code into the Theme Options and they will right-away appear at the ad-spots.

Fixed Width: All Revolution Two Themes featured here are fixed width themes.

Right Sidebar: Right sidebars are the best for maximum Search Engine Optimization. Luckily, all these themes have their sidebars on the right.

Widget Ready: All Revolution Themes come with a bunch of pre-installed widgets.

Top Menu: There is a Navigational Menu on the top of all these themes. Some of them even have a sub-menu that shows the categories of your site.

Wordpress 2.7 Compatible
: These themes are compatible with WordPress 2.6+ and have been successfully tested on WordPress 2.7.

Featured Content Gallery Support: Revolution Themes are fully compatible with the featured content gallery plugin. This plugin is included in most themes or can be downloaded separately. See the Featured Content Gallery homepage for installation details and free download.

What’s New @ Revolution StudioPress?

Rebranded: Revolution is now known as StudioPress!

New Themes: More themes are now available like Metro, Corporate, Tubular and Agent.

Version Updates: New versions of most of the themes are now available including Streamline, Church, LifeStyle and Chrome.

Live Theme Test Drive: You can test drive a theme in a real wordpress blog before you purchase!

New Themes are PowerPacked: The latest versions of the themes have more advanced and flexible Theme options page and easy to handle widget boxes.

More to come: If StudioPress team works on the themes the same way they do now, we can be sure that in the future they will come up with themes that we have never imagined of.

So make sure that you don’t loose the competition! Get the latest themes from StudioPress

Latest StudioPress Themes

StudioPress Allure WordPress Theme

StudioPress Allure WordPress Theme

StudioPress Allure WordPress Theme

Get StudioPress Allure Theme

StudioPress Metro WordPress Theme

StudioPress Metro WordPress Theme

StudioPress Metro WordPress Theme

Get StudioPress Metro Theme

StudioPress Agent WordPress Theme

StudioPress Agent WordPress Theme

StudioPress Agent WordPress Theme

Get StudioPress Agent Theme

StudioPress Tubular WordPress Theme

StudioPress Tubular WordPress Theme - Black

StudioPress Tubular WordPress Theme - Black

StudioPress Tubular WordPress Theme - Light

StudioPress Tubular WordPress Theme - Light

This theme comes in two versions, black and a light one. You get two for the price of one!

Get StudioPress Tubular Theme

StudioPress Education WordPress Theme

StudioPress Education WordPress Theme

StudioPress Education WordPress Theme

Get StudioPress Education Theme

The Revolution Two Studio Press Premium WordPress Themes

Blog Themes

Revolution StudioPress Code Blue, Code Gray and Code Red

Revolution Code Blue ( Click Image for a Live Demo )

Revolution Code Blue WordPress Theme

Three column theme with white background. The download includes three themes packed together. You can choose between three colors, Blue-Gray-Red in the Design Menu of WordPress Admin, so you can switch the color scheme of your blog in a few clicks. Great idea to keep the blog always fresh!

Try Old Code Blue Pack | Get the Latest Code Blue Theme

Revolution StudioPress Elements

Revolution Elements ( Click Image for a Live Demo )

Revolution Elements WordPress Theme

Two Column, 125×125 ad ready, WordPress theme. Elements has a classy look with a curly bracketed top menu bar. Innovative design.

Try Old Elements Theme | Get the Latest Elements Theme

Magazine Style Themes

Revolution StudioPress Church

Revolution Church ( Click Image for a Live Demo )

Revolution Church WordPress Theme

Three Column magazine style WordPress theme with lots of customization possible. Church has a built in template for a blog page, full width page, and an archive page that lists all your posts. It has a drop down submenu below the main menu displaying the categories.
Church also includes the Breadcrumb plugin that displays the hierarchy of the page from the homepage. This blog now uses Revolution Church Theme.

(Extreme overuse, so download link removed) |  Get the Latest Church Theme

Revolution StudioPress Lifestyle

Revolution Lifestyle ( Click Image for a Live Demo )

Revolution Lifestyle WordPress Theme

Three Column magazine style WordPress theme which is very similar to Revolution Church. Lifestyle has a built in template for a blog page, full width page, and an archive page that lists all your posts. It also features a drop down submenu that lists the categories. Lifestyle includes the Breadcrumb plugin.

(Download Link Removed on Request) | Get the Latest Lifestyle Theme

Media Themes

Revolution StudioPress Charred

Revolution Charred ( Click Image for a Live Demo )

Revolution Charred WordPress Theme

Charred is a two column theme in the dark shades of Black and Brown. 125×125 button ads are pre included in the theme, so you can start using them right away.

Try Old Charred Theme | Get the Latest Charred Theme

Revolution StudioPress Chrome

Revolution Chrome ( Click Image for a Live Demo )

Revolution Chrome WordPress Theme

Two column theme with a unique faded design of the right sidebars. The icon set included in this theme has special icons for block quotes and RSS Feeds.

Try Old  Chrome Theme | Get the Latest Chrome Theme

Revolution StudioPress Streamline

Revolution Streamline ( Click Image for a Live Demo )

Revolution Streamline WordPress Theme

Three column wordpress theme with Breadcrumb pre installed. Streamline has a unique design with the menu bar very close to the logo to ensure maximum visibility above the fold.

Try Old  Streamline Theme | Get the Latest Streamline Theme

Revolution StudioPress TV

Revolution TV ( Click Image for a Live Demo )

Revolution TV WordPress Theme

Two column wordpress theme optimized for videos. It has a dark design that will project all your videos for greater visibility. Ideal choice if you are a video caster.

Try Old  TV Theme | Get the Latest TV Theme

Photo Themes

Revolution StudioPress Album

Revolution Album ( Click Image for a Live Demo )

Revolution Album WordPress Theme

Show case your photos with the Revolution Album. This is a two column wordpress theme with lots of variations. Various color schemes included in the theme are blue, brown, gray, purple, red, rust and sepia.

Try Old Album ThemeGet the Latest Album Theme

Revolution StudioPress Black Canvas

Revolution Album ( Click Image for a Live Demo )

Revolution Black Canvas WordPress Theme

Two column black theme for your photo blog.  Neat and simple design.

Try Old Black Canvas Theme | Get the Latest Black Canvas Theme

Revolution StudioPress White Canvas

Revolution White Canvas ( Click Image for a Live Demo )

Revolution White Canvas WordPress Theme

Two column white theme much similar to the Revolution Black Canvas. White Canvas and Black Canvas can be used interchangeably to maintain freshness in your blog.

Try Old White Canvas Theme | Get the Latest White Canvas Theme

Professional Themes

Revolution StudioPress Office

Revolution Office ( Click Image for a Live Demo )

Revolution Office WordPress Theme

Two column theme with a wide rolling image gallery. This WordPress theme is specially groomed for a Pro Blogger. Unique design and pleasing colors make this theme an eye candy.

Try Old Office Theme | Get the Latest Office Theme

All these themes are released under the GPL license. You can get extended theme support from the Revolution StudioPress team by signing up for the specific theme package ($59.95) or the Pro Plus All-Theme Package ($149.95). Both these packages include, unlimited theme support, customization tutorials and professional theme design.

Read the included Read Me files for installation instructions. If you can’t configure the themes yourself, (given the power-packed features it has) you should get a support package from StudioPress.

To all Commentators: I really appreciate you guys (and gals) for all the support and cheers and criticisms shown. I hope you have used what you got from here in the best possible way. Kudos to you all.

To All Critics: What you have given me have shaped me into something new. A special thanks for all that. I respect all your viewpoints and will try to stay away from similar blunders in future!

Note: I am often emailed asking for help regarding these themes, if you need me, you can always hire me as your designer and SEO. As an added offer, if you purchase the StudioPress Pro Plus All-Theme Package using my referral (i.e., by following links from here), I will help you install the theme and recommended WordPress plugins for free. Contact me with your sales details (Sale ID).

Hello, I am Arun Basil Lal. Thank you for reading!

I am a WordPress product developer and creator of Image Attributes Pro. I am passionate about solving problems and travelling the world.

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  1. Nick says:

    YES! Thanks so much for doing this! You saved me a lot of hassle!

    • Arun says:

      So you are gonna use one of these..? Do let me know when your site is ready.. all the best

    • James says:

      You have no idea how much you saved me … you RULE!!

      • James says:

        your missing ‘agent’ theme … and to all those haters out there keep hating. Take some time and understand argument.

        Brian gave his themes free and your mad because Arun offered them? Are you stupid or just stupid …

        Arun keep up the good job!!

        Holla at ya boy!!

        • Arun says:

          The agent theme was never released as Free. It was released after he decided to make these themes premium ones. So I dont have it. Do you have the agent theme..?

          • James says:

            I don’t have the ‘Agent’ theme … my computer just crashed and lost all my files trying to rebuild … do you know where I can find adobe CS4 w/serial …

            • Arun says:

              Try the Adobe Store, else contact a local vendor.. 😉

            • James says:

              I found another site that offers the RevolutionTwo themes, but they have one that you don’t … Revolution PRO MEDIA. Get them here

              • Arun says:

                Dear James Chai

                Thanks for sharing word about the hard to find PRO Media theme. Well, its so similar to the streamline theme, all the themes are somewhat closely similar and cool.


                • Arun says:


                  I think PRO Media is not a Revolution Two Theme, it is a old theme from Revolution, but not a part of Revolution Two..

                  • Jake Boston says:

                    First, thanks for an informative lively site.

                    Next… any chance that the NEW Chrome 2.0 will show up here???

                    Last… I like the new Revolution business model. Users of WP will require more and more support as the themes become more sophisticated. Customization of the WP Revolutions themes is a big PLUS for a business looking for something unique, branded and easy to update.

                    But… the themes should be FREE to the casual users who are responsible for popularizing and showcasing the best themes.

                    Momentum is building FAST on the commercial uses of WP and the Brian G’s of the world will be in the $$$$ driver’s seat.

                    • Arun says:

                      The business model is good, but I guess brian came up with it after releasing the themes as Free GPL (else he is so evil, lol). I dont think Chrome 2.0 will make into this page, it was released after the ‘FREE’ tag was removed from the themes, so I dont have it. Maybe you should ask someone who uses it, they are free to share a GPL theme.

                    • Joe Sano says:

                      Every one of his themes IMHO needs customization and maintenance to become commercially viable. That is a good thing!

                      Again, those companies who recognize the need for special features, functionality and design are the ones with the deeper pockets to command Brian’s full attention.

                      The great amateur blogging unwashed just want the themes to be free.

                      I would not be the LEAST surprised if MANY of those free revolution theme downloaders quickly became paying customers.

                      EXAMPLE: The typical real estate guy THOUGHT he could handle the theme, but soon realized he needed help. So get your credit card out Mr. RE and start paying for Brian’s invaluable help.

                      The REAL “Revolution” is paid support/design fees and free themes.

                    • Arun says:

                      Then lets call it a targetted business model. Those bloggers who are happy with the default theme can use them free. Else they have to do it all by themselves. The Premium customers can pay for the themes and get them customized for their busniess needs.

                      Something like targetted adsense ads… Are you taking a support package to join the “revolution”..?

              • James says:

                Now offering the RevolutionTwo Agent theme FREE.

  2. Toronto Condo Dude says:

    Are the Revolution folks OK with you posting these for download?

    • Arun says:

      Yep, These are under the GPL. I reffered with Brian, the guy who made these themes. Its ok with them, afterall these themes were public already. So most users would have downloaded these, I guess I am the first to upload it, atleast one of the firsts.

      Thanks for your concern, enjoy the themes.

  3. George Tsamis says:

    All these themes are released under the GPL license. You can get extended theme support from the Revolution team by signing up for the specific theme package ($59.95) or the Pro Plus All-Theme Package ($149.95). Both these packages include, unlimited theme support, customization tutorials and professional theme design.

    Read the included Read Me files for installation instructions. If you have any queries, please leave them on the commenting line for an immediate solution.

    Note: I had checked with Brian Gardner before publishing these themes here.

  4. Jeremy Blanchard says:

    This seems to good to be true! I read a blog recently by Brian (or someone on the team) about how these themes were supposedly open source, but I couldn’t find a download link anywhere.

    These themes are absolutely top notch. I’m happy they are available.

    I was under the impression that one of the provisions of the GPL was that the source code HAD to be made available. It seems like the rev2 team is skirting around that one…

    • Arun says:

      I think its GPL licence was the key to make them available here. Brain agreed to that, maybe because of the GPL license. Moreover these themes were already public.

      BTW, does revolution two have a team..? I was under the impression that revoution was only Brian.
      Glad that you like the themes, Brian should be glad too.

  5. net mantra says:

    Hello guys. If some of you are wondering if these themes are illegal, here is the answer from Brian himself. I emailed him to ask “What will happen to the themes which were downloaded before the links were removed from Revolution two website?”. His answer was that anyone who has downloaded the theme was free to use them and if support is required, they could buy anyone of the support packages available from website.

  6. Freddy says:

    Just because you ‘can’ doesn’t mean that you should.
    Yes, the themes are GPL. But is it a good look for your website? Not really.
    Did you contribute anything to Revolution two by subscribing?
    I suspect not. No you just sucked down the ‘free code’ and whacked it on your site in the hopes of some free traffic.

    • Arun says:

      Because I can do it does not mean I shouldn’t too. 😉
      Yep, I wanted that traffic badly, atleast I wanted a break. But do you think that me posting them here hurts Revolution..? Not in the least. Someone who can pay $59.95 would take the pro pack at Revolution bacuse its just more than the theme.

      I guess there are many like me out there who would like to make their blog look cool but doesnt have a buck to pay for. These themes are dedicated for them. 😉

      You are way too concerned, just keep it cool. Thanks for droppin by…

      • Sarah says:

        I agree with Freddy, you are a LEECH with no ethics or morals.

        “wanted a break”, LOL … how about putting some work into something that benefits society instead of leeching off the efforts of somebody else.

        Putting these themes on your site, which are clearly not yours, is only going to gain you visitors who are looking for freebies too. Those kind of visitors won’t benefit your business or help you grow your blog.

        Find a niche and provide something of benefit to your visitors and show some dedication to your effort. Don’t look for the shortcuts, they don’t work.

        • Arun says:

          I agree with you, I am a BIG LEECH. And I am too disgusting to say this too. (that I am a LEECH)

          These themes are under GNU, so I had thought everyone would love it by posting them, You dont like, then dont use it.

          I appreciate your advices, And I understamd there are no shortcuts. Will start doing something for the society too.

          Thanks and cheers.

    • If Brian didn’t want the themes redistributed for free he wouldn’t have released them as GPL.

      If people download the themes from here and like them, some of them will go ahead and buy the official package. The potential value of lost sales is offset by all the publicity Brian got when announcing he was switching to open-source and the official support he gets from, not to mention the bandwidth that Arun is saving him by hosting the downloads here. As for Arun, he gets some extra traffic and kudos. Nobody loses except the people who were dumb enough to pay for a GPL product.

      • Arun says:

        Thanks for the support, I still cant figure out why Brain decided to make them paid themes, maybe he wanted the publicity.

        As you said, if everyone wins, I am happy 🙂

  7. BINGO.
    I just went to revolutiontwo and seen the download link have disappeared.
    Then, came here, and HERE IT IS !!

    Thanks a lot.
    Can we have all these themes together as a single archive ?

  8. Efrain says:

    Thanks! I downloaded the theme a few days ago.. accidentally delete it. Thanks to you I now have my backup of the original theme again =D.

    Check out how my Church Rev. customization is coming out:

    Thanks again.

    • Arun says:

      I liked you logo. But I think you should remove the date and the featured gallery. The date is a java script. Your readers dont come to your blog to know the date. The java takes time to load. See what I have done there.

      The featured gallery takes time too. Make your choice.

      • Efrain says:

        Thanks for the tips my friend. Yeah.. I noticed that the featured gallery started lagging a bit after installing more plugins. But I’m going to keep it since its a cool looking feature that goes well with the type of site I’m running.

        Anyway your site is really good. I found a couple of good tips here for my site… like the auto responder on first comment ;D. Yeah.. it worked on me.

        Thanks again.

  9. Skip D says:

    Thank you for posting these! I think what the guys at Revolution Two did was extremely shady, hypocritical and embarrassing.

    I remember how they bragged for months about going open source, meeting with Matt M. and bringing their whole themeing operation inline with the Open Source community . . .a few months later and they are selling themes again.

    • Arun says:

      Yep, I dont agree with being free for some time and then suddenly putting a prize tag on it. Afterall there is no use doing that, if one guy has a free copy, its like everyone has it.

    • Sarah says:

      I don’t think they did anything extremely shady, hypocritical or embarrassing. They decided to only provide their themes with the purchase of a support package which is perfectly legal. Nothing shady in that.

      At least Mr. Gardner tried the free download link open source thing, which is more than you can say about the other Theme developers. He probably found that the business model didn’t work and switched. As Arun points out from his supposed emails with Brian, they are still GPL themes otherwise I am sure Mr. Gardner would have him shut down. Also, Mr. Gardner is entitled to make money you know.

      Look at what Arun is trying to do, catch a break, so he can make a little bit of money. Of course, he is doing on the back of someone else’s effort, which is pretty sad. Especially since the people who download the themes here are just freebie-seekers. He’ll never make a great income off this kind of traffic.

      • Arun says:

        A break doesnt essentially mean money! And I am not after quick money, I had been out here for 3 years and if money was my objective, I would have quit long ago.

        And if you really wanna know what that break is, keep following my blog for a couple of weeks more and I wll let you know!

        Are you Brain’s Wife or someone from Brians Firm? (or Brian Himself?) Because some phrases used in here are the same used by Brian once…

        If you know the spirit for GPL, its all about sharing, and freedom. My policy is that if its soft, it must be free. I am a big freebie seeker myslef, so I love them a lot, and I really dont care if they are freebie seekers or premium seekers.


      • Skip D says:

        Here’s where the Revolution Two team failed:

        The Right Way:

        1. Admit that your business model was and is something you feel passionately about but not something you can continue to support financially.

        2. Keep free themes free.

        3. Begin making new premium themes that are better than the old ones.

        The Wrong Way:

        1. Brag about an untested business model.

        2. Delete all posts and information about what the themes were, why they were free and why they are no longer free.

        3. Start charging for themes with out any disclosure that they were and are freely available.

        • Arun says:

          I didnt like the part in which he deleted all the available tutorials, that is something really bad. It compells people to take up the support package, if that was the intention, it should never have been free…

  10. Rishi says:

    Love the site, Arun! And thank you so much for taking the time to provide the community with these themes. 🙂

  11. hmmmm yup, I wondered what happened to the old “free” to download bit at Revolution… sir, are a gentleman!

  12. Bill says:

    I have to agree with the leech part.

    Dirtbags can justify just about anything they do I guess. If you want traffic…try building a blog that doesn’t suck.

  13. Monica says:

    Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you!!!

  14. Nigel Babu says:

    Its a great theme. I’ve done some work on Joomla! and I could suggest you guys to make some changes to the theme and then use for your website. Probably the better word is “personalize.” It would look great. Thats what we all do. Download a theme and personalize but still credit the orginal guys (it would be morally unethical not to coz I’ve found that personalizing itself is a pretty big job!!)

  15. Sjames says:

    Hello Arun. Thanks for the rev themes. Is there any restrictions present to use these themes in any of my websites. Do I need to indicate in the copyright footer? Please clarify.

  16. Rudi says:

    I found another site that provides free revolution wordpress themes, link


  17. Thank you so much for your information. No wonder I searched in and could not find any download links. Thanks millions for sharing. Lanna

  18. Rishi says:

    Gosh Arun, sorry for those who’ve voiced their lack of appreciation for this archive of themes. Brian is fine with it, and that’s the only person whose opinion matters. The others who disapprove should stop lecturing and move on. Keep up the good work. 🙂

    • Arun says:

      To be honest, In the real world, I dont care what others think of me… Its the same in the Web 2.0 too. But I respect their views, Else I would have deleted those Comments.. 🙂

  19. Mitchhaha says:

    Jesus said I could use this theme.

  20. rampantheart says:

    You probably don;t have a clue how much this has helped me! Thanks a MILLION! I have been searching for themes like this for a long time! Thanks again! 🙂 Open source stuff rocks! 😉

  21. Arun says:

    Thanks for the download links buddy! Have been looking for some good themes for one of my other blogs.

    • Arun says:

      Anytime, These themes are gonna make your blog look cool. Good luck.. BTW, its hard to manage many blogs at a time..right? Kudos

  22. Chat says:

    I just went to revolutiontwo and seen the download link have disappeared.
    Then, came here, and HERE IT IS !!

    Thanks a lot.
    Can we have all these themes together as a single archive ?

  23. Nihar says:


    Thank you very much. I checked thier each and every page but didn’t find free download link.

    Thank you very much. Are you using the free one or you purchased from them with all extra features?

  24. Bird says:

    Arun, you are a DOLL! Thank you THANK YOU so much for doing this. I know web designers have to eat, but making free templates in a huge welter of publicity then sneakily removing the free downloads button after a couple of months is kind of cynical. Before they’d sneaked that button away I’d intended to purchase a support package from Revolution Two to save myself some time and thank them for a great resource but now the shine’s kind of rubbed off. Thanks to you I’ve been able to update my blog without a hitch. Cheers!

    • Arun says:

      Thats a cool Gravator there! If I find this gravator in someones comments field while browsing, I would defenitely check out the blog, I guess vistors to this page will do the same! (Wow, I just found out the importance of a cool gravator)

      Removing the free links after a while is not very good. You take all the publicity of a free release and then remove the free tag, thats a bit unethical. I am sure Brain had his own reasons..


  25. karen says:

    Hi….I too had wondered where I could get the template from. Thanks for the download.

    Do you know if I can make websites using the themes and flipping the sites????

    Thanks in advance,


    • Arun says:

      Flipping the sites..? What does that mean?
      Of course you can make websites with the themes, but I didnt get what you meant by flipping the sites, pls explain..

  26. tifa says:

    thank u for this theme but i want Agent Theme plzzzzz

  27. Arron says:

    Is the Corporate 1.0 Theme here?

  28. Linda Lee says:

    Thank you!! I could not understand why they say free all over the internet and then all go to his paid theme page. (not that they are not worth it, because his themes are fantastic!) but I had downloaded some of them thinking I could pick up the rest later! Thank you for making this so easy. What a great service you have done.

    • Ah, i guess the all in one download link helped you a lot. Actually only some of the lucky ones like me got all of them. I am glad that I downloaded them when they were free, but now you have them!


  29. lenny says:

    hi Arun:

    first, thank you very much.

    second, hope you can understand my poor english

    and third, i don’t understand what happened with these themes, help me clarifying the things: for example, i like lifestyle theme and i downloaded it when brian allowed. then the revolutiontwo themes were no more open source. i mean, if i want to download lifestile now from here ( i have to pay…

    so, the question is: downloading the themes from here (your great site =P) and using them is legal? or can i be emailed by an angry studiopress guy? lol. so…what’s the difference between these themes provided by you and the paid themes on studiopress?

    sorry for my ignorance and thank you in advance…

    • Whoever said your English is poor never knew how to use it. You English is awesome and you don’t have to say that again ever in your life. Everything you asked is crystal clear!

      These themes were free for a limited time only. But since they are under the GNU licence, its completely legal to use them anywhere you like. No one is going to prick you ever!

      The difference between these and that comes from StudioPress is that, now StudioPress have upgraded most of the themes, so those in here are already old now. Also you are no longer going to get any updates or support for free. So I recommend you get the latest copies from StudioPress if you wish to keep your site look new always. You will get support too when you signup for a theme package. (And oh, If you are thinking of getting one, consider using my affiliate link here)

      Cheers and never say that your English is poor to anyone! lol

      • Lenny says:

        Thanks so much Arun!

        Actually, I don’t need the new themes, I only want to play around with lifestyle theme code (learning purposes).

        Again, thank you. You’re a great guy…

        I’m sure your readers love the way you reply every comment and question, that’s very kind of you!!!

        • Thats great, these themes are really good to learn from. KUDOS to Brian!
          And if you get stuck somewhere, dont forget to ask.

          Thanks for the great words.
          Good luck to you, Lenny 🙂

  30. Malte says:


    can you tell me, for the Revolution/StudioPress Elements Theme, how to post? So that i can see the thumbnails on my index page?!

    Sorry for my bad English, but there was no readme file in the

    • Hey, I have never used the elements theme myself, so I am not sure, but try this, it should work.

      1. Make a backup of index.php
      2. find: ($post->ID, $key, true) on line 8
      3. replace it with ($post->ID, “thumbnail”, true)
      4. when you make a post, add a custom field with name as ‘thumbnail’ (no quotes) and the value as the link to the image that you want to use as a thumbnail.

      This should work, do let me know how it turns out!

      Good luck!

  31. jorge says:

    I’m trying to customize the Office Theme so I can show up to 12 images in the carousel, do you have any idea how to do that? Thanks in advance, great site you are running.

    • Hey, the carousel uses a custom field ‘thumbnail’ (no quotes). Essentially those 12 images has to point to 12 posts..right? In the custom field of the post editor of those 12 posts, add the custom field name as ‘thumbnail’ and value as the link to the purticular image.
      Repeat this for those 12 posts, so you will have 12 images on the carousel each on linking to the specific post!

      Hope you got it, else dont hesitate to ask.
      Thanks for the good words! 🙂

      • jorge says:

        Hello Arun, thanks for your response. Yes, I know about the key (thumbnail) but it only limits 6 of the newer posts on the carousel. I have 9 posts already but doesn’t show them all. And I know there is a way to increase the number of posts but have no clue how to do it. I went through the code and tried a couple of things but nothing changed. Thanks again for your help.

        • Hope you have a Code editor that shows line numbers, esle download Notepad++ and open home.php in that.

          1. Go to Line number 19 and find : query_posts('showposts=6&cat=' in that line.
          2. Edit showposts=6 to showposts=12 and you should be displaying 12 posts as sets of 3 on the homepage.

          Make sure that the wp-cache or wp-supercache plugin is deactivated and your cache is cleared. Else you might not see the results. You can activate the plugins later.

          Hope this works, I tried and it worked for me!

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    Themes Revolution Album not found

    • I guess you didnt look well, Revolution Album is here 😉

      btw, is this the way you report an error? As a webmaster you already know how links can go wrong. And when things go wrong you shout at people? Very bad on you 😛

      In this case it was your mistake only. Please take care of this in future.
      Also take things lightly 🙂

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  35. Update: (To all those who have subscribed via comments)

    More themes are available at Studiopress, snapshots are up here. Get a look and get them if you are in the look for more professional themes 🙂


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    Hi, there.
    First of all, thanks for sharing and being so receptive.
    I’ve downloaded the Revolution Office Theme and I just can’t make anything work (lol).

    How do I put the images into the the carousel or even make the posts appear at the main page? I couldn’t find this option on the wp dashboard.

    Thanks in advance and congrats for your site.

  37. pat says:

    Ok, nevermind. I just figured it out.

    But thanks!

    • Thats Great! Congrats!
      I was kinda away for a while, sorry I couldnt get to you in time, but seeing the time stamps on the first and this comment, I see that you figured it out in a little time, Kudos!

      I really appreciate you dropping in again to say that you got it, thats good thinking 🙂
      Good luck with your blog, I would really love to see it when its ready 🙂

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    I actually navigated away from the site and even after thinking for a second had to come back and comment on the negative readers…


    Are you seriously giving this guy a hard time for sharing something that was being shared by the original designer at one time anyway? You’re kidding right?

    I’ll be honest I skipped the last part of the comments simply because when I see group think happening I tend to get bored and move on so if I missed the kiss and make up session please excuse me I do not intend to open old wounds but just in case…

    This is probably why Brian went back to a paying business model because no one appreciated free. Give an inch take a mile? I personally want to thank you for putting the links up so that we could download them. At one time during the free days before Brian rightfully changed his mind had the themes but lost them on a stolen external drive. Looking around I have found them available but…
    and for all you negative Nancies… the sites that were pushing them were loading them down with iframes and hidden links and they were chalked full of problems.

    Being a small design guy I can mangle code enough and I have used both the free versions and a couple of paid versions. Like I read in several comments above once you use them, to take full advantage you need to know what you’re looking at or be prepared to spend a lot of time learning or pulling out your wallet and getting Brian’s help.

    Either way…Rant over. Thanks again. I appreciate the links and Brians work and you’ve earned a new visitor!

    • Hey, thanks for the awesome comment and the sky-high support.

      Actually, there was no wounds, I had a half confirmation from Brian, and I do have a tough skin (atleast online), so nothing bothered. Infact, this page has been the best page on this blog so far, and Google even included it in the site links 🙂 (not to mention the whole lot of money it brought in as sales and clients)

      Actually, I am glad that Brian pulled the links away, else I would never have had the chance to post them here and I would never have earned the clients I have now. It looks like people who get the themes from here come to me instead of going to brian 🙂

      I really appreciate the negative comments here, I enjoyed playing with them, esp a girl named Sarah, We had some nice time quarelling 🙂 (shh, I was adding fuel to the fight for the fun part of it.. )

      Thanks for dropping by, and again for the comment..
      See you around..


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