13 Days of Plugin Shower

Meet Binny (blog), a geek at heart who wakes up to his twin monitor PC to do what he is best at – to code.

The first time I heard about this guy, he was releasing 6 WordPress plugins a week. ‘Holy crap, You must be kidding me’, that’s what I thought. What I heard was true. That was in the August of 2008.

This year again, he did the same madness. A week of plugin shower. 7 plugins in a row.

Here are @binnyva‘s collection of plugins 😉

Eventr WordPress Plugin for Event Registration

Manage Event Registration

This plugin can add a event registration feature to any WordPress blog. You can accept registrations and create a page of registered users. This plugin was originally created to manage registrations for BlogCamp Kerala 2008, and later was used for BarCamp Kerala registration too.

Pollin WordPress Plugin

Polls and Surveys Pollin lets you add polls to your blog. Can be easily inserted to any post or page using a short code. Looks neat. See a demo here.

Surveys WordPress Plugin

Add Surveys and manage them from within WordPress admin. You can insert surveys easily to any post or page using a short code.

Quizzin WordPress Plugin

Add quizzes to your posts or pages using this plugin. Can be added using a short code. Designed for maximum ease.

Quartz WordPress Plugin

Show random quotes or links or tips to visitors. The input quotes or tips can be done manually one after the other from the admin side or from a text file (that’s quite convenient).

Autofields WordPress Plugin

Automate Filling Custom Fields

Filling up WordPress custom fields and excerpts is boring and tiring, this plugin makes it a bit easier by doing it for you. It fills the excerpt with the first paragraph of your post and fills up a custom field for image with the first image uploaded. Useful for themes that uses image as custom field like most of the StudioPress Themes.

Weather Man WordPress Plugin

Weather Man uses Yahoo Weather API to display weather of any place as a Sidebar Widget or you can merge it with posts using a short code. Travel and Tourism Blog owners, take note. See a demo.

MiniCart WordPress Plugin

Add a shopping cart or a Donate Button to any post or page using this plugin. You can create a item, which can be a product or a service and then insert the checkout button using a short code at the end of any post. See the instructions for more details. Demo.

Gallifrey Image Gallery WordPress Plugin

Handling ImagesOnce installed, Gallifrey will over ride WordPress default gallery and work with transition effects in place of it. It uses smart image loading, which loads the images only after the rest of the page is loaded. Watch a Demo.

(Plugins following this are not WordPress plugins, but were released during Plugin Week 2)

Web 2.0 Shadows – GIMP Plugin

Its a GIMP Plugin that will add a shadow and background to your work.

Page Ad – Drupal Plugin

Drupal is yet another Content Management System, just like WordPress. Usually its more used for Websites, WordPress rules the blogging world.

This plugin lets you control ads on Drupal and lets you create page specific ads. Tested on Drupal 5.

Export To WordPress –  Joomla Plugin

This piece of code will create a WordPress importable export from Joomla. (Joomla is a CMS, just like WordPress and Drupal). Moving to WordPress from Joomla? This is for you!

Link Code Insert – A GreaseMonkey UserScript

For Firefox users, with Greasemonkey installed, this piece of code will let you insert the html code for a link. Install the script, select some text and press Ctrl + Alt + A,  <a href=””> and </a> will be inserted around the text. Makes it easy to add html links anywhere online.

Hello, I am Arun Basil Lal. Thank you for reading!

I am a WordPress product developer and creator of Image Attributes Pro. I am passionate about solving problems and travelling the world.

Divi WordPress Theme - My Review

Divi WordPress Theme
Divi is a WordPress theme that web designers do not want you to know. It comes with a drag-and-drop theme builder. You can build beautiful looking unique websites without touching a line of code. Just choose from one of the many pre-made layouts, or pick elements and arrange them any way you like.

Divi is every WordPress developer's wet dream. Surprise your clients with neat responsive websites and have fun building them.

Divi comes from Elegant Themes. If you enjoy building websites, you *need* an Elegant Themes membership. 87 beautiful themes and 5 plugins for the cost of less than a candy-bar each!

Note: I am an avid user of Divi myself and this is a honest review. I wouldn't recommend something that I do not personally find amazing.


  1. S.Pradeep Kumar says:

    Arun, thanks for letting me know a geek which hell lot of talents ! 😉

    I’m a code minimalist ! But want to create Facebook and Orkut applications. Sometimes I think about creating a WordPress plugin ! 😀

    Request To Binny : Dude, your work is so cool. If you find some free time, can you write one article about creating a plugin, I mean from the scratch ! 😉

    • Binny V A says:

      Arun – thanks for the article! And for your kind words. And the links. In short, thank you!

      @S.Pradeep Kumar
      Some day – when I get time, I’ll do that 🙂

  2. Amal Roy says:

    Thats way too professional! Creating and releasing 7 plugins a week requires a lot of hard work. Binny was an inspiration for me, from the first day i heard about him. He is really an extraordinary! 🙂

  3. Mr. I says:

    I thing is sure, the guy knows how to get publicity!

    I have not checked out his plugins yet but they look promising. I had heard about him last year but did not know about this year’s 7 plugins!

    What’s in for next year? 8 Plugins in a row?

  4. Hakeem - technology and gadgets says:

    What A great gadget.

  5. stc043 says:

    Is Binny really from this world?? 😛 must ash him then!!

  6. Jakes says:

    Lol………. Such a geek guy..Hm……..
    I too want to request some article on developing a wordpress/Joomla/Drupal plugin

  7. Unni Krishnan says:

    Cool guy…ofcourse he is a real techie…need to take take him as a role model…got to know about him through the barcamp site…would like to meet him one day..Thanks for the plugins..i havent tried it yet..but will definitely try it

  8. kathy says:

    Unfortunately his Eventr plugin isn’t working w/ the latest WP. That doesn’t do anything to diminish the awesomeness that is 7 plugins in a week. i get pretty excited when i can make minor tweaks to existing plugins in under 2 days.

    sidenote… is this blog built on thematic? if so, it looks sharp! ok it looks sharp either way. very spartan, but cool. nicely done.

    • Thanks Kathy, yes I use Themantic 🙂
      I hope Binny fixes the plugin soon, we (me, Binny and a whole bunch of techies) use it in many of our community projects 🙂

  9. jagan says:

    Very informative,but right now Pollin is not working on my site

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