5 Tips to Dramatically Improve the Effectiveness of Your Emails

When Google listed out the online activities of netizens back in 1999, searching the web and sending emails were the toppers. Now that we have blogs and the social media, things have changed. Oh! Who cares of the statistics? We all send emails.

Writing Emails that Win Replies

Writing Impressive Emails

Ever since I started Blogging, I get tons of emails a day. While I try to answer all emails, there are some emails that catch my attention and makes me reply right when I read them. Here are some observations.

Simplicity is Awesome

Start off with a simple introduction of who you are and what do you do. Do not bother writing a biography, no one really cares. Get to the points directly, cut all the other crap in between. The reader will love you for that.

Rules of Writing for Web Holds Good

Emails that are scan-able and easily readable gets replied better and faster. Break things down, use bullets and numbering wherever appropriate. Break huge chunks of text into short paragraphs.

Turn Spell check ON

A spell checker is an amazing thing; it makes you look smart without much effort. Use a browser with spell check support, like Firefox and make sure your emails are error free before you hit the send button. People hate to read misspelled text. It gives an impression that you do not care about what you say.

Watch your Footer

Format your footer well, be minimal and include some links where the recipient can find more information about you, like a link to your blog. But do not stuff the footer with links to all your social profiles and sites, a link to one page where there are more links about you is more than enough.

Some email programs automatically add adverts to your email footers, when the email hits someone else’s inbox, such adverts suck. Better use a ad-free service like Gmail where you do not have any ads.

Do not add your name to the footer. Add that personal touch to every email by signing it off with your name where you type in it every time. People can easily say if its you typed in the name or if its part of the footer.

Delay Your Replies

When you have a thread of emails going on, if the subject matter is not urgent, leave amble delay in between your replies. This is especially useful when you are emailing a stranger or a high-profile user. People are busy; an immediate reply would be disturbing and he would probably ignore your reply. A delayed reply would invite another reply from the other end πŸ˜‰

Also find 15 more tips for Writing Effective Emails. One of my Favourite Tip:

Be Personal and Personable

Personalize email with relevant remarks to the receiver, put in a quick comment about their site, product or work. Address the person by name, sign email with your own name, and a friendly comment like β€œEnjoy your weekend!”

Good luck with your emails.

Hello, I am Arun Basil Lal. Thank you for reading!

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