Monitor Bandwidth Usage with Free Bandwidth Meter

Every Broadband user is not privileged with unlimited bandwidth usage. With websites putting up lots of Flash embeds and auto starting videos you are very likely to finish up your monthly free bandwidth allowance in no time. Tracking the real time Usage is impossible because it takes a while to update the usage stats on the service provider’s portal.

Thankfully, Shaplus Softwares brings you a Free Bandwidth Monitor that meters the usage in real time. It stays on your taskbar near the system clock and records the usage. Once you click it, you get the bandwidth usage of the current session, Today’s total bandwidth usage and the usage of the current month.

Why should you use Shaplus Bandwidth Meter?

There are tons of other Bandwidth monitors out there, then why should you choose this one? Here are the best features this software…

  • Freeware: It doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket. Shaplus Bandwidth meter is totally free!
  • Light-weight: The latest release is just 101 KB, which means close-to-zero load time.
  • Simplicity: SBM does not have a real menu, all the features are self explanatory and the only menu it has is the Shortcut menu that appears when you right click the icon on the taskbar. It does not give you a lot of options, but it does the job!
  • Blocks Flash and Images: Internet Explorer users can’t block Images or Flash easily. SBM can block IE Flash and Images saving valuable bandwidth. To see a Blocked image, right click the image and select ‘Show Image’
  • Records History: Displays Monthly totals and keeps a record of usages over the past months.
  • Set Tracking Time: Some Broadband users have free usage hours at night or some hours of the day. You can set the time intervals when you want SBM to stop tracking. You can find this under its settings.

Once you install it, it’s very important that you select the Right Network Interfaces that need to be monitored. Connect to the Internet and all the available Network Interfaces will be displayed under the Settings in the Right Click Menu. It will display the LAN connection that you may have with another computer or Modem. If you select all of them, you may see your usage shooting up, because SBM will add all the usages including LAN usage. Actually only the internet usage matters, so select the appropriate interface for best results.

Free Bandwidth Meter

Shaplus Bandwidth Meter Showing Stats when Clicked

Once you install this Free Bandwidth Meter, do not change the time of the system clock. Doing that resets the meter. Well that’s one way to reset the meter 😉

Download Shaplus Bandwidth Meter Now!

A Quick Flash Tutorial is included on the download page. Trust me; the tutorial is not more than 0.13 MB!

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  1. blackzero85 says:

    Hey I am using DU Meter but it’s shareware…. I know it sucks, but can’t be helped as I didn’t have any other alternative. Now that I’ve read this post, let me try that bandwith software you recommend.

    • omg, I hadnt noticed that this post never go a comment, thanks for the first comment after a long time 🙂

      Bandwidth meter is a good one, does the job. Just be careful of the choice of connection in the settings, it lists all the networks available, choose the active one, not the LAN 🙂

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