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WordPress Malware Removal And SSL Installation

When it comes to web security, housekeeping and maintenance is just as important as proper development. For WordPress, housekeeping should ideally be done at least once every three months. Luckily, maintaining a WordPress website isn’t too hard. Make sure your

Posted in WordPress Lab Tagged with: – Optimization Results In Load Time Reduction By 93%

Running a successful website in this century involves collaborating with different kinds of professionals. You have to source your graphics from a designer and send it to a developer and then there are content writers and editors. It is very

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Scott Marshall – Optimization Reduced Page Size By 83%

I recently got my hands on Being a creative agency, their website was loaded with high resolution images that looked good on a retina display. However, the site weighed 23 MB! The problem was that the client was using

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Page Load Time Reduced By 45%

When I got my hands on this particular client, they were facing major load time issues. Since most of their users were on mobile, so optimizing to reduce load time was more than important. Action Even though most of their

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Swoop Events Load Time Optimization

I had the opportunity to help with optimizing and improving the company website for Texas based event planning company, Swoop Events. The website was graphic intensive and load times had to be improved for a better experience. I started off

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