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Get First Category By Post ID In WordPress (Outside The Loop)

Use this code snippet to display the first category of a WordPress post. <?php $smello = (array) get_the_category($post_ID])[0]; echo $smello[‘cat_name’]; ?> where $post_ID is the ID of the post whose category is required. Change [0] to [1] to get the

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Using WordPress Menu As Bootstrap 4 Navbar

This tutorial will help you use a WordPress menu with the Navbar component of Bootstrap 3 and Bootstrap 4. Please refer this guide for how to do it directly with Bootstrap. Here is the code to use WordPress navigational menu

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5 Reasons Why You Need a Lawyer During a Wrongful Termination

One of the worst things that can happen to you in the workplace is wrongful termination. No matter for what reason you find yourself terminated, if you think that your employer didn’t have a good reason to fire you or

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6 Things To Take Care While Signing An Employment Contract

Signing an employment contract might seem like something that’s pretty straight forward. You might think that you just need to sign when you’re starting work, how much you’re going to get paid, and that’s it! However, that’s not true at

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6 RV Repairs You Can Handle On The Road

The chances are high that you’re going to have to do some RV repairs while you’re out on the road during your trip. This is just the name of the game when you are driving something as large and complex

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