6 RV Repairs You Can Handle On The Road

The chances are high that you’re going to have to do some RV repairs while you’re out on the road during your trip. This is just the name of the game when you are driving something as large and complex as an RV.

That’s why you’ve got to know how to deal with some of the most common RV problems while you’re out there driving around. If you don’t, then this could really put a dent on your family vacation to your destination of choice. Keep reading down below to learn more about the top RV repairs that you’ve got to know how to complete when you’re on your road trip.

Rv Repairs On The Road

Fixing Your Tire That’s Just Blown Out

The first problem that you’re most likely going to face is your tire blowing out. Whether this is simply because you didn’t fill them up with air or you ran over something that was too sharp, you’ve got to deal with this. Make sure that you carry around spare tires to fix this problem right away.

Your Battery And All Of Your Electronics Failing

Battery failure can be one of the worst things that you have to deal with on the road. This is because it’s not just your lights that aren’t going to turn on. But you’re also not going to be able to turn on your RV to get down the road. You can plug up the RV to AC power overnight to get the charge back up on your battery.

Any Appliances That Suddenly Stop Working

Sure, you are going to probably have trouble with your appliances when you’re on the road. These tricky things are the most common problems that those people who go on road trips in RVs face.

The first thing you need to check if this happens to you is to check the propane tank. Most of the time, your energy level is just low, which is why your fridge or your oven isn’t working at the moment. You need to be handy with some motorhome interior restoration and fixing a few appliances is one of them.

Any Leaks In Your Roof Or Windows

Chances are high that you’re going to have a leak or two every once in a while, in your RV. This is a pretty common issue as your RV is continuously taking a beating from the sun as you go down the road. And this sun damage can wreak havoc on the exterior of the vehicle. You can easily keep around an RV roof or window patch/substance that you can use whenever there is a leak.

Problems With Your Toilet

One of the worst problems that can arise when you’re on your RV road trip is problems with your toilet. This can seriously stink up your entire family vacation.

There are two big problems that can come up whenever you have a toilet issue – water continuously running and water that doesn’t stay in the bowl. All you need to do is determine what the exact problem is and what part needs to be replaced. From there, you’ve just got to get in there and replace the part.

Leaking Valve On Waste Water

There are chances that your slide valve on your sewage tank is not screwed on properly. This happens for any number of reasons, but is definitely something you want to fix if you want to properly dispose of that waste water when you’re on the road. It’s pretty easy to fix though! All you have to do is remove the old valve and replace it with the replacement that you have handy. Make sure that you do have replacements of all the crucial parts of your RV before you head out on your road trip.

There you have it! If you haven’t heard of these common repairs for your RV, then it’s time to learn more about them before you head out on your road trip. You are going to be thankful that you did!

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