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Starting a Blog the Right Way

During my first 6 months of blogging, I made a lot of mistakes which is just normal in my humble opinion. Just learning from them made me grateful. And I was lucky I didn’t make the really big ones! (user name, theme). So here is what I learned and my suggestions.

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7 Tips to Live Tweet an Event Effectively

Of course, BarCamp Kerala should not be compared with WordCamp India; BarCamp’s are loosely organized unconferences, whereas, WordCamp is a well coordinated, international event. Still, effective tweets would help convey the ideas presented at BarCamp’s beyond the walls of the room.

There was another BarCamp Kerala, last Sunday (11-Oct-2009) and I tried to fill up the gap this time by Live Tweeting the same, and as far as I know, it worked. Here is a brief Analysis.

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10 Free Windows Softwares To Make Your Life Easy

Windows is the world’s most popular OS. There are millions of softwares for it. In this post, I have summed up 10 free softwares that you will find very useful. Without any further addo, here are they:

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