A to Z of Twitter: Shortest Tweepl you never knew!

Unlike most Web-Wares, Twitter has no lower limit on the characters in the username, though; each tweet is limited to 140 characters. Writing sensible stuffs in short words is the fun part of tweeting. The username precedes all the @replies to tweets, so the shorter the username, the longer can be the message part. A longer username leaves less room for the message part.

But if you are thinking of taking a single character username, just like I did today morning, you will find that all short names have been taken. Early Bird Catches The Worm! Let me honor the early birdies.

Twitter BirdieGlossary Search:
Twitter : Popular micro blogging platform, details here. (Now that’s what I call a base post!)
Tweepl : is a commonly used slang for people who use twitter a.k.a tweeps, a.k.a. twitterer a.k.a Tweeps

The Tweeps with the Shortest Names

I thought I should include the bio too so that you can decide whom to follow right from here! (Do you need a link to their profile? It’s not hard to find them, lol)

Listed in the order @username – Real Name – Bio (links from bio removed and bio truncated to meet the layout )

  • @a – Andrei Zmievski – I’m Russian. ’nuff said.
  • @b – Ben Bradley – I’m like a chimney sweep, but for the intarweb toobs
  • @c – Coley Wopperer – I’m a very serious designer—a seriously joyous designer! Life is grand :)
  • @d – Dave – Bio missing
  • @e – Erin – Bio missing
  • @f – Fred Oliveira – Bio Designer-developer hybrid. I like to make people smile. (…)
  • @g – Greg Leding – Trouble is my business.
  • @h – Helgi Þormar – Whacky
  • @i – Sarah – Bio missing
  • @j – Juliette – UX, SF, Lumos Labs
  • @k – Kevin Cheng – See online
  • @l – Ant – Bio missing
  • @m – Mark Douglass – See online
  • @n – Naoki Hiroshima – A guy who cares nothing but his family and his friends, and what they care.
  • @o – Oliver Thylmann – Geek, Blogger since 2001, Entrepreneur, Performance Advertising
  • @p – Paolo I – Things never happened in this order. maybe they never happened at all. (…)
  • @q – This username cannot be used. Maybe its reserved for the search functionality
  • @r – Rex Hammock – founder/ceo of Hammock Inc.
  • @s – Sandy – I’m Sandy, your personal email assistant. I’ll remember the details so you can (…)
  • @t – Tantek Çelik – barcamp bicycler buildingblocks climber cultural evolution hacker (…)
  • @u – U – Bio missing
  • @v – William Lawrence – vé, ℣, vittu, & versus all stand for veeliam. And, he stands for Accessibility.
  • @w – Walter – exec producer of my life. Where’s my cast?
  • @x – Gene x – photographer and friend of lemurs
  • @y – ReYhan – essir my aura is orchestral but way fresher!
  • @z – me – Bio missing
  • @_ – Dave Bug – Likely subjects: Woot.com, St. Louis, iPhone, politics, css/html, design (…)
  • @0 – 0 Zine – The most excellent home-made Zine in the world. No, the universe even.
  • @1 – Numero Uno – Oldest digit. I put the “uni” in “universe”
  • @2 – Mysteriously Unnamed – Bio missing
  • @3 – NewsAlert – NewsAlerts For Pakistan Without tinyURL..BBCsa & DawnNews
  • @4 – 4 – 4!
  • @5 – 5 – Bio missing
  • @6 – R. Adrián Lamo – I am not a number. I am a free man!! >:o” — or something like that.
  • @7 – Peng – Bio missing
  • @8 – 8 – Bio missing
  • @9 – 9 – Bio missing
  • @ArunBasilLal – Arun Basil Lal – (lol. That’s me :P )

Guess you all were the first people to join twitter. Kudos to all of you!

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  1. Amal Roy says:


    Here is me . @amalroy – Amal Roy

  2. Alok says:

    This is good, if you have special Tweepl. My Tweepl is @AlokYadawa

  3. Nihar says:

    @niharmaniyar is Nihar Maniyar!

  4. JAGAN says:

    @charakjagan is charakjagan

  5. Here is mine : @sam890060

    Sam – My Nickname and 890060 – My 10th Register no ! ;)

  6. Alex Newell says:

    Very unusual and witty post. I guess we all missed this trick and perhaps all these very short names were taken in the very early days of twitter.


  7. Brian says:

    I love this list – I search these kinds of things on Twitter all the time, like @table and such. Will you marry me -

  8. brooke says:

    Thank u for psting those names sadly none of them hrlped me i have been trying for like a day straight so if u have more please please please put them out hurry thnks though!!!!!!! :-)

  9. zak says:

    wooh I got in quick @zak

  10. Evelyn says:

    My twitter :



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