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The WordPress Team has realized that Bloggers no longer have all the time in the world. Bloggers have to generate content, reply to comments, reply to emails, organize contests, control spam, maintain Alexa rank, Google PR and other rankings and plenty of other things to do. The solution? Quick Edit, Quick Reply and Quick Post and Dropdown Menu’s.

The latest WordPress incorporates Quick Reply, that lets the admin reply to comments from within WordPress. Quick Post is a twitter inspired micro-blogging tool from where short posts and updates can be made. The best thing is that the Admin can do all these without leaving the Dashboard!

Quick Edit Shortcut Appear When You Hover Over The Post

Quick Edit Shortcut Appear When You Hover Over The Post

The Quick Edit feature (under Manage>Posts) for posts is yet another time saver. Editing Title, Tags, Categories and Slug can be made without actually opening the post (see image one). Towards the right of the options is something that can boost your ace posts. There is a tick box which says, ‘Make this post sticky” (second image)

What are Sticky Posts?

Sticky posts are those posts that actually stick to the home page. Usually when new posts are added the older ones are taken down automatically, but not with sticky posts. A post once made sticky will stick to the top of the posts, i.e. it will be the first post no matter how many posts are posted after that.

Sticky Posts Tick Box

Sticky Posts Tick Box

To make a post ‘Sticky’, go to Manage>Posts and hover over the post. Now the Quick links will appear. Click Quick edit and tick the selection box (see second image). Now click Update post.

When to use Sticky Posts?

Projecting Ace posts: Sticky posts can be used to put your Ace posts on the homepage for a longer time so that every visitor will see them. Ace posts would be the best posts in your blog and if a reader finds it interesting he will subscribe to your blog and keep coming back.

Making Announcements: You can use sticky posts to make announcements. Like you are having a contest and you can keep the announcing post on the homepage till the contest ends. Once the contest is over, de-select the tick box in the second image and make the post non-sticky. (A contest will happen here within a week, so stay tuned)

Display Your Best Posts: You can make a linked list of your best posts and publish it. That list can act as a Quick Start Guide for new Readers who have missed the old posts. You can make this post sticky. Make sure that you have included only the Ace posts in the list. If a reader is interested in your niche, he will check out the posts and will keep coming back for more. I have a Quick Start Guide here with the best posts from my blogger blog. Check it out.

Can you think of any more applications for Sticky Posts? Share it in comments and I will include them in the post.

Hello, I am Arun Basil Lal. Thank you for reading!

I am a WordPress product developer and creator of Image Attributes Pro. I am passionate about solving problems and travelling the world.

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  1. balal says:

    Hey, I found a related post in dig, Lots of hacks in Sticky Posts. It tells you how to tell your readers that a post is sticky.

    Follow this link to Nathan Rice’s Blog :

  2. Salwa says:

    One of my many fuv features in wordpress 2.7

    • balal says:

      Hi there,
      Everyone seems to be in love with WordPress 2.7. I just dont like one thing, The image handling is poor. Its takes hell lot of time for the image uploader to load and add images..?
      Do you have this issue.?

  3. Jagan charak says:

    really informative and I have saved this on my desktop folder so that I can use it when I will actually start

    • balal says:

      Hi Jagan,
      Glad that you it helped you. So you have a desktop folder where you store information on your Blogging research..? I would love to see that folder one day. 😉 It would have lots of useful information.

  4. happy_user says:

    Hi Arun – just found your site because I was searching for sticky posts for 2.7. Its superb!

    You mentioned:”… those posts that actually stick to the home page. ”
    I am just building a wp 2.7 blog and i want my category posts to show up as sticky. So, say, when someone broswses a category, my sticky posts for the category show up. Is this not supported?

    I dont know any PHP. Will this require some code changes in the loop or something?

    Your advice appreciated!

    • Arun says:

      Hello happie user,

      So you dont want the sticky posts to comeup on your homepage but on the category pages..right..?

      I checked with WordPress Sticky posts and tried some examples, It doesnt work. Infact, the sticky postsa are not sticking to category page top. Its just to the homepage. Maybe we will have an update in Wp 2.7.1

      While browsing, i found an article that might help you. see this: Syling up Categories

      Also check for some plugins out there, i did a basic search and found nothing yet. When i find any, I will post a new reply here. i hope you are subscribed to the commets here.

      Well, I am not a php guru myself. lol. Learning the basics now.

      • Cassie says:

        The problem with the sticky posts only working on the home page can be found on line #312 of wp-includes/post-template.php in the get_post_class() function. WP v. 2.7.1

        if ( is_sticky($post->ID) && is_home())

        Anybody have the time to create a plugin that would add “where to show sticky posts” to the Settings area, leaving the Home page as the default of course?

  5. Tonga Jobs says:

    When to Use Sticky Post?

    When you need a quick introduction to your site (that’s longer than your Tagline). It can also include quick links to some of the most important pages on your site.

    Depending on your blog setup (or theme), this might be more practical than having those links somewhere in your sidebar.

    Actually, I was searching specifically for how to do this in WordPress, and that’s how I found your blog. 🙂

  6. cashman says:

    great information thank you

  7. abil says:

    nambah ilmu

    • Naser@Blogging Tips says:

      Which language is this? Does admin allows comments in other languages excluding English.

  8. shermanoaks says:

    Thank you for your Sticky Posts. I didn’t know there was a check box there. I was looking for plugins-tools-setting, you name it. Thanks again. I’m to look around your site now.

  9. Todd P. Pennington says:

    So from what I’ve comprehend, sticky post is more like the superlative-administrative post right? Admin will rally use this as welcome post too for all its readers? Correct me if I’m wrong, I’m having a bit coach diaper bags in my head right now. Enlighten me please. Thank you!

  10. Thank you.

    Couple of questions:
    1] I made 2 posts “STICKY”, but only one appears. Is there any way of making multiple posts “STICKY”?

    2] There are two entries for the sticky post. One on top of the page and the other where its original location was. How does one show only one post?

    Thank you once again.

  11. SeeAnd.Com says:

    Thanks for help about sticky post

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