Christmas Time Goodies For WordPress

Christmas is at hand and its time to start preparing for Santa. Don’t you want Santa to visit your blog? Impress Santa and your readers with these icons, plugins and themes and share the spirit of Christmas.

Free Christmas Icons

Free Christmas Icons

Christmas Time WordPress Plugins

Falling snow or falling leaves plugin: This plugin from Andy Beard creates a falling Snow Effect on your WordPress website. In addition to snow and snow flakes, it can create leaves too.
Hack: Do you want something else falling on your site? Like stars or fairies..? Download the plugin and before you upload it, replace the files snow.gif, snow1.gif and snow2.gif with the image of a star or anything that you want to fall.

Let It Snow WordPress Plugin: Yet another snowfall plugin, just in case the first one does not work or you are not simply satisfied with it.

Christmas Countdown WordPress plugin: Show that you are curious about Christmas and you really care about it. This plugin from Christmas Sprite shows in a snowy red animated image the number of days remaining for Christmas. It will also wish your readers on Christmas with different messages on the Christmas eve and on Christmas day. You can see a live demo at Christmas Sprite homepage. The resources page on the site has lots of Christmas Gifting and Celebrating ideas. Check it out.

A different theme a day:
This plugin is designed to change the theme of your site depending on the importance of the day on the Christian Calendar. For Christmas you will have one theme and for Easter yet another and so on. The plugin comes with a collection of CSS files and loads a different Style Sheet depending on the day. Use if you want to automate celebrations on your site.

Christmas Themes For WordPress

30 Christmas Themes: Sheep Tech has a collection of 30 Amazing Christmas Themes with live demo for some of them. If you are in search of a theme, this is where your search is gonna end.

Christmas Days: A Christmas Theme from the makers of Illacrimo. This theme is from Design Disease, so it’s never gonna let you down.

Amazing Christmas Ideas Themes: Find some Great Christmas ideas and Grab two high quality WordPress Themes at Amazing Christmas Ideas

I just added the Santa Cap to the logo which means I have officially started accepting gifts as cash, goods, cards and prayers (please avoid last minute rush, lol). Wish you all Merry Christmas in advance.

By the way, I have not left Blogger bloggers behind. I am preparing a theme myself for Blogger, so stay tuned via RSS or by email to catch it.

If you come across some cool Christmas plugins, please add them to the comments and I will add it here. I was looking for a stars Christmas plugin and some blinking lights. If you find them, please let me know.

Hello, I am Arun Basil Lal. Thank you for reading!

I am a WordPress product developer and creator of Image Attributes Pro. I am passionate about solving problems and travelling the world.

Divi WordPress Theme - My Review

Divi WordPress Theme
Divi is a WordPress theme that web designers do not want you to know. It comes with a drag-and-drop theme builder. You can build beautiful looking unique websites without touching a line of code. Just choose from one of the many pre-made layouts, or pick elements and arrange them any way you like.

Divi is every WordPress developer's wet dream. Surprise your clients with neat responsive websites and have fun building them.

Divi comes from Elegant Themes. If you enjoy building websites, you *need* an Elegant Themes membership. 87 beautiful themes and 5 plugins for the cost of less than a candy-bar each!

Note: I am an avid user of Divi myself and this is a honest review. I wouldn't recommend something that I do not personally find amazing.


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