Block Low Paying Ads and Boost Your Adsense Income

Google Adsense ads are priced at $0.01 to over $36 per click, but the publisher has not control over the minimum Earning per Click. The Google Adsense Program decides which ad to display based on the keywords on the content page and the number of ad slots. If we could somehow remove the low paying ads, we could make more money online. Let’s see how to remove those Low Paying Adsense Ads.

Suppose, a publisher gets 100 clicks on average any given day. If his Adsense Ads are priced ad $0.01 per click, he will earn $1. What if it is $3 of $4 per click? Well, you can’t ensure that every click will be of $3 or above, but you can remove those ads that pay you nothing. ($0.01 is nothing).

Removing Low Paying Ads that Give You Nothing

Google Adsense has a Competitive Ad Filter which was originally indented to remove ads from competing websites or business corporations (Intel would never want AMD Processor’s Ads to run on their pages). In our case, the Low Paying ads are our competition so we can use the links of those sites and get rid of them. But how will we know who are the low paying advertisers?

Block Low Paying Ads and Boost Your Adsense Income

Thankfully, AdsBlackList helps you find those low paying advertisers on your website. AdsBlackList maintains a constantly updated list of Low Cost per Click (LCPC) Advertisers and Made for Adsense (MFA) Advertisers. Based on the keywords on your site, ABL find out which ads are most probable to appear on your site. Then it generates a list of Top 200 LCPC and MFA advertisers. You can copy this list into the Competitive Ad Filer in Adsense and start blocking the low paying ads!

  • Go to AdsBlackList Homepage and Register.
  • From the Sidebar, Go to My Account >> Add New Domain
  • Give the Site Name, URL and up to 20 keywords. Make sure that the most relevant keywords are included (incase you have more than 20 keywords)
  • From Sidebar, Click Generate Filter List. The ‘Available Domains’ will list the domains that you have added in the previous step. Drag and Drop the domain under consideration to the ‘Keywords from Selected Domains’ box.
  • Choose the type of Filter list needed, i.e. MFA ads and / or LCPC ads and press Submit.
  • Copy the generated list.
  • Login to Google AdSense and go to AdSense Setup >> Competitive Ad Filter.
  • Paste the list in the AdSense for Content box. You may also paste the same list in AdSense for Search and AdSense for Feeds as well, if you use any of them.
  • Press ‘Save Changes’ and you are ready to earn more with every click!

Ever since I started using AdsBlackList, I haven’t seen $0.01 for any click. AdsBlackList is still in beta and is constantly updated their Black List. So you have to regenerate the list after a while to block the new Low Paying Advertisers that might be using your ad space, yet paying you nothing ($0.01 is nothing!)

Hello, I am Arun Basil Lal. Thank you for reading!

I am a WordPress product developer and creator of Image Attributes Pro. I am passionate about solving problems and travelling the world.

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  1. That’s a pretty handy tool, but is it against google’s terms of use? Because in a way it is gaming the system since they are not technically our competition.

    • Arun says:

      No way, It has nothing to do with the TOS. We are free to block which ever sites we want, afterall its our adspace. Go ahead and use it, All A-listers block Low paying ads… 🙂

  2. Quakeboy says:

    great article dude.. original articles like these will soon raise you to a much higher level… keep rocking..

    Thanks for this article again, this is really cool… I will implement and tell you the results..

    • Arun says:

      Hey, I am waiting for the results, I will add the results to the article as updates… You need to give the most relevant keywords to get great results. Good Luck!

  3. Niyaz says:

    I tried this trick long ago but from my experience it is better to let google decide the best paying ads themselves.
    It takes a while, but eventually the adsense algorithm shows the best paying ads based on your page content.

    • Arun says:

      well, Its just the reverse for me, I left it all for adsense for 2 years and it never learnt. Ever since I started using this, My revenue has gone up by more than 30% and even more than 100% on some weeks. But results are not assured..

  4. Archana says:

    done.. lets see what happens.. 😀

  5. Arun says:

    what is on your title man ?
    “ ”

    is this optimising permalinks for better SEO ?

    • Arun says:

      Which part of it? If its remove-low-paying-google-adsense, yes thats for permalink optimization. Please tell me which part of the permalink are you talking about. Cheers.

  6. JAGAN says:

    that’s great article,I will take care of all these when I will monetize

  7. Nihar says:

    Arun, Great article. Thanks for this tip. Right now my blog has been getting very low ads from last 2-3 weeks. I will try this and see the result.


  8. Nihar says:

    Arun, I joined in also got the sites generated. quick question are you a free member or you have paid for that service to get more lcpc list?

  9. Hey Arun,
    Sounds like this is a cool tool. The only problem I see is that in AdSense you can filter at max 200 domains. However, it can still save you a few bucks via avoiding a bunch of advertisers.

    I am trying it right now

    • Arun says:

      Actually the competitive ad filter was designed to block competing advertisers, na? Goolge must have figured out that no advertiser in the world is gonna have more than 200 competitors. The Good thing about ABL is that it generates exactly 200 links in the black-list. I guess you figured that out by now.

      Try your luck with ABL, and tell me how it worked, maybe after a month..

  10. RogueDeals says:

    Wow, that’s pretty informative, good post! Subscribed via email.

  11. Amal Roy says:

    Yes this really works. When i used adsense before reading and implementing the steps on this article i used to get only 0.01 $ per click. But from now on my earnings increased to 0.5 $ per click though 0.01$ comes very rarely. Very nice and helpful Article. Really a “”””””million Thanks”””””””.

  12. Pepe says:

    I’m trying to use this, but my site remains in pending list. Do you need to wait days before being validated?

    • Arun says:

      ABL is still beta, so I think the approval process is not automated. If my memmory is right, I was approved within a day. They are making important changes to ABL, so wait for a little longer, maybe a week, and then try adding your site again or contact ABL support.

  13. Axxo says:

    my goodness, i didnt know such a tool exists.. thanks for this one!

  14. sunil says:

    How to make good money from adsense

    • Build a Blog with reasonable traffic and you should be able to start off!
      I am not an expert in Adsense myself, there are tons of Adsense success stories out there, try reading them.


  15. bobit says:


    i will try it

  16. InformationSeeker says:

    Awesome tool.But is there any place where we can find what are the most frequently used keywords for the site.I know its weird since people ought to know what keywords to use more.But,for someone who wants to write without any prejudice,how can we know the keywords being used by google to serve ads

    • Yeah, Google knows that too. so they dont tell us what’s the highest paying keywords. But I have known that medical related Keywords as that of life saving drugs are really high paying. There might be some black-hat tools to find that, but I am not sure.

      Thanks for dropping by, and welcome here!

  17. InformationSeeker says:

    I understand tht now Arun.But what i actually want to know is ,if i run a blog/website,can i find out what are the most keywords based on which the ads are being served.I am not looking at finding out the high/low.What i want to know is what are the keywords that my blog/site is churning

    • Now I get you!
      You can know what Google bot see on your pages using Google Webmasters Tools under Statistics. That will give you an idea of your keywords. If you need to know what ads show up, use the Adsense Sandbox from Labnol.

      Hope you got what you needed, else ask me again, no probs at all 🙂

  18. Trevor says:

    Very Helpful tool, I hope this increases my profit.

  19. Nikhil George says:

    Great idea man. But I’m not able to access AdsBlackList (Cannot find server error)…any idea?

  20. Kenneth Holland says:

    Thanks Arun. I’m trying this to see how it works. My adsense clicks have gotten really low so anything to shoo off the crap. 🙂

  21. jimmy says:

    my site in status pending in adsblacklist, what supossed this mean ? thank good article to read

  22. Lånekalkulator says:

    Is adsblacklist only tracking US advertiseres, or international ones aswell? All my sites are in norwegian and so are the advertisers..

  23. tips says:

    What a great post. This is sure to cheer everyone up.

  24. Blogging Tips says:

    Great post.But Adsblacklist is not accepting new registrations now.I am waiting for the service

  25. Suresh Khanal says:

    I used it for some months and noticed bit improvement. But you need to keep an eye on the ads every time and must keep updating your blocking list.

    Moreover this depends upon your niche too! Some niche welcome so lot of low paying ads that blocking 200 or 250 ads is not going to make any difference. But there is no harm trying!

  26. JD says:

    Nice information there. I have one question. Suppose if the low paying ad gets filtered, will the new high paying ad be displayed in that block? Or will the ad block remain blank?

  27. ganesh says:

    adsblocklist is not accepting new registrations. Can you give me the list of low paying ad sense ads? I am from India.

  28. steve says:

    What the heck they are no longer accepting registrations at adsblacklist
    I need a list of low paying ads to get rid of.

  29. says: v4 is now live.

  30. Betty says:

    These instructions don’t work for a free account, and I’m hesitant to subscribe for a paid membership as I can’t figure out how to use the Adsblacklist site. The site lacks information about what their product is and how to use it. I tried it the other night and think I accidentally added my own URLs to their blacklist, which I’ve since deleted. LOL! I’m assuming that one needs a paid subscription in order to use their blacklist filtering, which is what I’m interested in so I guess I’ll give it a try.

  31. Jebastin says:

    Just login page is only opening. Unable to register in

  32. Steve says:

    Since adsblacklist is down you might want to check out my up to date block list for low paying AdSense Ads. I have compiled a list of 500 low paying ads. Most people do not realize that you have to keep up with this list. This is because when the owner of the URL finds out they are blocked they can make another low paying site. So you have to be adamant in keeping up with them. I just update this list about 2 weeks ago. The list is below, hope this helps since Adsblacklist is down.

  33. Vic says:

    Thanks for this tips. However when I visit Adsblacklist, the site is currently down. Is there other way to find those MFA sites. I’m really having trouble with them I only earn few cents with lots of clicks.

  34. Lynn says:

    This is awesome information. I’ve blacklisted a few sites, but I’m going to go through your updated list and dig into this further. I hope to see some positive results. Thank you for the update.

  35. ABID KHAN says:

    can anyone generate list of low paying urls for following keywords? the blacklist site is down.
    help dest
    folder lock
    learn online

    please make if for me.plzzz help
    my site is

  36. I know this trick works but this technique requires lot of works. It is also impossible to predict all the keywords and we can’t trust such sites too. Is there any other better way.

  37. Tahir says:

    dear very nice aboit adblacklist but please check there is no register user account .

  38. Nitin says:

    now-a-day adblacklist not working out…its probably under development…but the post gives me a great concept to go through…thank you buddy!!

  39. Sanjan Bikram says:

    These days adsense is paying very less. This post found very useful for me. Thanks for sharing this awesome tips

  40. is there any wordpress plugins that do this for you? adblacklist hasnt been working for a while now

  41. Hemu says:

    dude, this website is no longer live now, can you suggest something else.

  42. Mani says:

    AdsBlackList site is expired now.

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