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Everyone loves Free Softwares, and Free Software Giveaways. We find giveaways on many websites, but often there are just a few winners. Not anymore! Giveaway of the Day makes you a winner day after day!
Get Premium Software Free of Cost From Giveaway of the DayNo, Giveaway of the Day is not about Freewares or illegal stuff or those Softwares under the GPL. It brings you Licensed Full version Softwares which have a real prize tag! The catch is that, it’s available for free download for only 24 hours.

How does the Free Giveaway work?

Most Free Software Download from GOTD comes as trial version. To activate it, you need to download a special verification program (usually included with the download). Install the software and run the verification program. The verification program connects with the GOTD server and confirms that the Software was installed before the giveaway ends. Then it either activates the product or gives you the registration information. These vary from software to software and detailed information is available from the readme file included with every download.

Giveaway of the Day TickerGiveaway of the Day also posts a quick review of the software. You can also find User Reviews shown by Up and Down Thumbs, and quickly decide whether to get the software of leave the offer. But it is always good to give it a try, because every person is unique and has different needs.

If you are a publisher you may consider adding the Giveaway of the Day ticker to your sidebar (its a live ticker here!), so that your readers get to know of the latest hot software and the time remaining for the Giveaway to end. That’s Customer service!

Flipside: No free technical support, No free upgrades to future versions and you can’t use Softwares from the Free Giveaway for Commercial Purposes. Also you need to install it before the giveaway ends, which means once you uninstall the software you can’t get it back. (For some software you will be given the Registration codes, which you can always use to install the softwares again!)

Don’t Miss Any Free Software

Subscribe to GOTD’s Email Newsletter so that you don’t miss any software giveaway. If you check your feeds regularly, you may add Giveaway of the Day’s feed too. Remember, once the giveaway is over, you can’t get the software again unless you pay for it.

Head over to Giveaway of the Day and start downloading Free and Essential Softwares!

Thanks to Vikas! I knew about GOTD from one of this tweets!

Hello, I am Arun Basil Lal. Thank you for reading!

I am a WordPress product developer and creator of Image Attributes Pro. I am passionate about solving problems and travelling the world.

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    Thanks for sharing with us, this is true we can find every new software applications from this website. Mostly softwares are free trial.

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    Free giver site is a good and trusted site for now. I encourage everyone to visit and download from the side. it is virus free

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