Best 5 Law Firm Websites & Lawyer Website Designs

There are a lot of website designs and layouts that make it difficult to pick perfect one for your business. You need to understand the importance of right design for right business.

It is significant to grab the attention of the audience to have a compatible design for your own website.

A lawyer’s website should have simple design and easy navigation so the consumers can access the information of their interest easily. People need attorneys at so many stages of their lives. For example, when someone is involved in a collision, he need Los Angeles accident lawyer.

We have selected a few from the collection of amazing designs and layout ideas that comes with best features for the best performance. These are selected from the websites around the world to provide you with the best ideas.

Webdesign Laptop

Have a look on these creative and engaging designs and colors of the website designs that are great for law firms and lawyers. Select a perfect one for your own digital entity.


The catchy cover and easy to go design of this law firm is getting attention of the public. They have an appearance to prove themselves as prior in the business and so they have been as clients are reaching them through this website.

They have mentioned their practices and given details about their people and expertise for the public so they can reach the one they need to contact.

West Coast Trial Lawyers

Probably the best homepage of any lawyers’ website title goes to West Coast Trial Lawyers. This design also has an easy navigation to see the right things at the right place. They have mentioned free consultation message on the home page to attract the visitors. They have given information to attract the clients and so they can have trust in the expertise of the lawyers.

This website design speaks off itself and give all the important messages on the homepage. They just don’t claim to be on no. 1 in ranking rather they are actually in top listed websites by google due to their design and presence.

The impressive design of the site is all to engage people on the site.

Oykhman Criminal Defense Law

They also have mentioned to book a free consultation with the lawyers prominently on the homepage. The reviews on Google link is great to build trust of the general public and make them clients for this firm. People can understand court process and so many other things with easy navigation.

They also have a promotion of their amazing lawyers for dealing with criminals. They have established through their website that they are the best in dealing with such cases as they also have given the information about their successful cases. Clients would definitely believe a firm with a history like that.

Bick Law LLP

They also have an attractive and engaging home page with a cover photo. They feature a good navigation and all the related stuff so the visitors get information about the services. They can find everything right at the place.

This website design is somehow similar to the other bests. They also establish them as specialized law firm through their appearance and layout.

Taylor Janis Workplace Law

This one is probably the simplest and one of the best lawyer website design. They are promoting that they are expert in every issue and for every workplace. They are workplace expert and providing services to employers and employees. The design is attractive for the people with a broad size image.

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