Happy Birthday!

Thank You God!

For guiding me in your path, for teaching me more of WordPress, keeping my server healthy and for blessing me with the best readers I could ever have. Be with me Lord! And help me fight the Hackers and Spam and all other forms of evil I might encounter on my way ahead.Happy Brithday! Have some cake.

Million Clues! is one year old.

On my last birthday, when I turned 20, I looked back and thought. What have I done with my 20 years? Though every moment was worth living for (school life, amazing friends and the celebrations), there was nothing I could point out as ‘something’. I turned 21 today, and here it is, my cute little space on the web, that I am a lot proud of!

Thank You all for being part of me, for all your support and words that kept me writing on and on.

A Little bit about Myself

To all the new readers: Hi, My name is Arun Basil Lal. I am a student in Engineering from India, who attend college with the sun and blog with the moon.

Am on Twitter and Facebook, add me up too. Thanks for reading this blog, I hope you are enjoying.

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Here I Stand

Some Statistics, I guess this is the right time to say:

  • Higher and HigherTotal Published Posts: 125
  • Comments: 1998 (I reply to all comments, so 999 comments from readers, about 8 comments per post)
  • Visitors per month: 11k (for last 6 months)
  • Top Traffic Soruces: Google > StumbeUpon > Yahoo > Twitter
  • Google Page Rank: 4
  • Best Alexa Average for 3 months: 83,365
  • Twitter Followers: 245 (on @MillionClues profile)
  • Total Guest Posts: 10

Suddenly Everyone wants a Blog…

“Total waste of time”, “You got nothing else to do?”, “No one is gonna read”. These are some of the comments I got when I was starting off with Blogging. Not many of my friends even cared to ask what I was doing. Oh! Reading and writing are not very popular subjects of discussion at college.

Now that I have started getting checks, everyone wants to know what I am doing, how I do it. Surprisingly, even some guys who never went online started asking. I like the treatment.

Was it worth the time? Hell, yea! Blogging looks like the best decision I ever made. Thank You all again!

Hello, I am Arun Basil Lal. Thank you for reading!

I am a WordPress product developer and creator of Image Attributes Pro. I am passionate about solving problems and travelling the world.

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  1. cheth says:

    happy birthday 🙂 god bless ya buddy. good luck with the blog 🙂

  2. TheAnand says:

    Be the changemaker…..

    Congrats on the stats, they look very healthy for a 1 yr old blog. 🙂 I am impressed 🙂

    • The Feed-Good-Factor never goes away from you. That’s a big testimonial. Thanks 🙂

      Update: This happens to be the 2000th comment, which is technically the 1000th. yay 🙂

  3. Sriraj says:

    Is today your Birthday too? If it is, it’s a fantastic day to start your next life.
    Happy BirthDay to Arun and Millionclues.
    Wish you finish your Engg soon and concentrate full time in Blogging.
    And don’t forget to courier me a piece of that cake 😀
    Have a Great Day ahead…..

    • I sent that cake via BlueDart, hope they will send you via express delivery and deliver it the same way they did my Dell Laptop. (You know the story, right?). Express delivery took over a month. LOL
      Thanks for the wishes.

  4. Quakeboy says:

    Wishing a many happy returns of the day my dear buddy 🙂
    Inspiring stats and words.

  5. Girish says:

    I thought I should be the first to congratulate you for your blog’s birthday, but when I came here , I could see there are many others glued to your blog..

    Keep up your great work, all the best

    Happy Birthday ..


    • Thanks for the wishes bro. I was amazed too. I never thought Cheth and Anand are early birdies. They commented even before I woke up. Maybe they didnt sleep at all.
      Glad you dropped in 🙂

  6. S.Pradeep Kumar says:

    Hey Million Clues Happy Birthday ! 😉

    I want this blog to be active for Million Years !

    And I’m glad to be a part of MC and glad to say, I wrote two guest articles here ! 🙂

  7. VitaminCM says:

    I’m really happy for you. Good job.

    • Thanks mate. In fact, it all started with guest posting at vitamincm, that’s where I first admired WordPress. I still remember what you said, “You will love it once you see its awesome Power”. Look what it has turned into.

      Thanks a lot. Life is really a game of dots 🙂

  8. SATISH says:

    Congrats man. It feels great when we look back our days, when some one told we can’t do it and today we have done it.
    I wish you a great success in the coming years.

    Happy Birth Day to Arun and MillionClues.

  9. TechZoomIn says:

    Happy Birthday Millionclues. Hope it will drive you million one fine day 🙂 Keep rocking dude..!

  10. Nomar says:

    Very nice man! Thats a long time and you came a good way! Keep it up!!!

  11. Luca Di Nicola says:

    Congratulations on you 1 year birthday. I’ve been reading yuor blog for some time now and enjoy your posts. Wow 11K visitors per month? That is a fantastic accomplishment. Keep up the great work.

  12. poch says:

    Thanks for a positive blogger like Arun.

  13. Amal Roy says:

    ~~~~~~~~~~` Let A Very Happy And Prosperous Future Come ahead in your path. Wish You a Happy Birth Day `~~~~~~~~~~~~

    I really like that part “Suddenly Everyone wants a Blog”
    This is the same ditto thing that i too hear now. Each and every sentence of that part is the same with me too 🙂

    Now I too proudly says, Blogging looks like the best decision I ever made 🙂

    Good Luck

  14. JAGAN says:

    congratulation Arun….may god bless and enlighten you not just in blogging but in every sphere of life.you are the man who deserve lot and lot more.you are just gorgeous boy
    and charak jagan is back now from a prolonged injury

  15. Wish you a happy birthday!(belated) I wish you luck and prosperity in the future. Also, looking forward to working with you.

  16. Alok says:

    🙂 Happy B’day Arun.
    You are a better example for new bloggers.
    Keep going… God and We with you.

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