A Simple Deed to Make Good Friends and Spread Joy

Do you remember the first comment you ever got? Not the one that came in after emailing all your contacts, but the one that came on its own.

What did you do then?

Obviously, you were excited. The feeling that someone else is listening to what you say, and when you get that for the first time, that’s one of the best moments for any author.

Probably, you followed the link to know more about the author. Google-d the name and even checked out his social media profiles and added him up.

Friends For Ever

First comments are starts of great relationships. Friends come and go, but the first friends you made in school in your early ages always stay, right? You may not see them around anymore, but if you ask yourself, they do have a very special place in you.

The point is: if you give attention to those who are not already getting all the attention, you will get it back too.

And when you do that genuinely and not for the sake of the comment, that’s a key to great long lasting relationships.

When you see a post without any comments, try to leave one, because the happiness your comment gives to the author is beyond measures. It’s like a smile; it doesn’t cost much, but means a lot to the recipient.

I am not advocating that there is no use in commenting on popular blogs. I’m trying to say that the first comments are always special. Just like first love 😉

I hope you do have a first comment story to share. What did you do then?

P.S: Hope you guys are having a great time. I am on my final year of graduation which is why I don’t get much time to write here. I do check my emails and tweet often, if you need me anytime.

Hello, I am Arun Basil Lal. Thank you for reading!

I am a WordPress product developer and creator of Image Attributes Pro. I am passionate about solving problems and travelling the world.

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  1. Great little post buddy with a good message 🙂 You are right about those days when we get that precious little first comment. Mostly it would have come from your genuine well wisher and motivator.

    Some of my commenters from the first week of blog launch are still good online friends 🙂

  2. Amal Roy says:

    Yeah every blogger will be delighted to see the first comment on a post. It was one of the happiest moments when i found that you too started commenting on my blog. That really made me happy and was an inspiration for me.

    When some people criticize us i see some oppose them and find ou the good and take a lot of time in posting big comments. Thats really make’s a blogger happy.

    Good Luck Bro
    And I will be there for the barcamp at kottayam. Its gonna be one of the happiest moments in my life to meet you in front of me.

  3. S.Pradeep Kumar says:

    Arun, I remember the precious comment you left in ma blog. It was not your first comment, but a comment which forced me to comment, for driving traffic and for driving … ! 😀

    All the best for your final year of graduation buddy.. I guess.. I have 2 more years to go to that stage! Happy Engineering and enjoy your college days to the core..cheers!

  4. poch says:

    ‘When you see a post without any comments, try to leave one, because the happiness your comment gives to the author is beyond measures.’

    That’s a great and very kind suggestion Arun. Bravo.
    What I do is put all my faithful commenters’ links
    in a page called Special -my weblog name- Links as gratitude.
    Good luck on your graduation and Happy Holidays!


  5. monkeymind says:

    less than 30 days for exam.

  6. antsfriend says:

    wow the blog is really amazing and i am agree that if we guys have a network then we must retain them .. thanks for sharing the nice guideline over here..

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