Possible Mistakes in Choosing a Web Hosting Company for your Blog

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If you wish to move your blog from WordPress or any other blog platform to make it a self-hosted one, you need to find the right web hosting provider. Setting it up with the wrong web host will lead to various problems in terms of uptime, scalability, technical support, and cost.

Having the wrong web host cannot guarantee 99% uptime, something that any blog requires. You need one that can keep downtime to a minimum. When it comes to scalability, the web host might not be able to meet the additional requirements as your blog expands.

Also, you cannot expect a quick response time to address technical problems if you do not have the right web hosting provider. Sooner or later, you’ll realize that you’re just wasting time and money on it.

Common Mistakes

To help you choose the right WordPress hosting provider for your blog, here’s a lowdown of common mistakes that you should avoid and things to keep in mind to prevent future problems:

Not knowing what you need and want to achieve

It has always been said that it is very important to set your goals first before doing any business endeavor, as these will guide you in every step of the way. In finding the right web hosting service or provider as you move your blog from WordPress or any other blog platform to a self-hosted one, a common mistake is not having a clear set of website requirements.

How can you choose the most suitable web hosting provider if you do not know what you need or what you want to achieve? If you don’t know what you want, you might end up with a shared hosting with lots of downtimes when you actually need is a dedicated server to keep your site running all the time even with traffic spikes.

First things first: identify site goals and requirements and stick to them.

Not doing your homework

With hundreds of web hosting companies out there, finding the right one for your blog can be frustrating and time-consuming. In an attempt to start setting up your blog with a web host right away, you may be tempted to get a web hosting service without really understanding its scope and features. This is a mistake that is commonly committed by some beginners.

Do not fall into the trap of many companies with promises that are too good to be true.

Do some research. Take the time to look at the features and service scope of several web hosting providers. This will help you in narrowing down your options, making the selection process easier.

Price first before features

Different web hosting services vary in price, but the most common would probably be the services with the word “cheap”. Sure, it would be nice to get a web host without spending a lot of money, but you cannot really expect excellent service from a web host that makes you wonder how it earns money from hosting.

On the other hand, an expensive web hosting package does not necessarily mean reliability and security.

Reliable web hosting for your blog comes with a price. Check the features, see if they meet your requirements, and expect to shell out a reasonable amount of money.

Relying on testimonials

It is good to have feedback from existing clients of a web hosting provider. However, this should not dictate your actions in the selection process. Testimonials can give you some insights on how a web host operates and manages sites, but these should not be a primary deciding factor.

Trust your instincts. You can take a look at some reviews but you will still be the one to decide based on the service scope and how reputable a web hosting provider is.

Failure to read and understand the terms of service/service level agreement

It is not as easy as ticking the check box to indicate that you have read the terms of service just so you can proceed to the next step. Unfortunately, many website owners fail to really understand what they’re getting themselves into. A lot of things must be discussed in a web hosting service level agreement. These include the level of security, refund guarantee, and what to do in case problems such as identity or data theft arise.

Do not forget to read the terms of service very carefully. Both parties must be aware of the roles and responsibilities and everything must be clear in the agreement.

There are things that need to be mapped out should you decide to shift your blog from WordPress or any other blog platform to a site with its own web host, and one of them is finding the web hosting company that is reliable enough for your requirements. It is important to explore all of your options before deciding what type of managed dedicated servers make sense for your needs.

A lot of mistakes have already been committed when it comes to looking for the right web host. What’s important is to avoid dealing with the same mistakes. For a smooth-running blog, make sure to be really careful when selecting a web host. If you find one that meets your requirements, you will be able to keep many site problems at bay.

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    I think first start with shared hosting, then you getting good traffic change to VPS.

    • A VPS is only required when you get a lot of traffic, like frequent Digg home pages and such traffic, for most others a good hosting plan would do.

      The first upgrade should be to a better hosting plan, like a shift to a business plan instead of a personal plan. That’s what I would recommend and most of us should be ok with that 🙂

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    I had done the same mistake of going behind cheap plans and it resulted in loss of my blog posts after a serious server crash.

    Thank god I have now moved to Bluehost, its awesome. almost no downtime and good customer support

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