4 Steps to Understanding Not-So-Understandable Technology

Guest Post by Melissa Tamura

There’s nothing worse than running across technology that you must understand for your job, blog, or just for personal reasons, but truly don’t know what the heck you’re reading. Most people encounter this frustrating circumstance at some point in their lives. However, this doesn’t make the situation any less frustrating.

If you are in this sticky jam now, there are steps that you can take to learn it without pulling your hair out. Take a look at just how easy it could be to learn technology that you’re absolutely clueless about:

1. Take a Moment to Breathe

This may seem like an unnecessary step, but it helps tremendously when you’re feeling anxious, time-pressured and under-confident. Self-talk is a big deal when you’re trying to work through something as complicated as hard-to-understand technology, so before diving in, it’s a good idea to step back, tell yourself you can get through it, then go ahead and tackle it.

2. Read Instructions and Tutorials

The Internet is a wonderful playground for acquiring information on just about anything you can imagine, including how to learn specific technologies. The beauty of the competitive nature of the blogging world is that someone is always eager to be the first person to release instructions or tutorials on the latest technology.

Learning New Stuffs

This is to your benefit because there’s probably going to be some step-by-step tutorial out there to walk you through just what you need to do to get started. So if you’re stumped on how to get started, conducting a quick search on tutorials or other instructions is a great way to ease you through the process.

3. Don’t be Afraid to Backtrack

Sometimes it’s possible to take on something technological that happens to be two-steps past your current level of expertise. If this is happens to you, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with backtracking some to learn the pre-requisite technology needed to help you understand what’s presented in front of you.

You may not want take on this step if you’re technologically savvy because you may feel that it showcases a sign of weakness. However, nothing could be further from the truth. By taking the time to backtrack some and learn prerequisite technology, you could not only get the information you need to focus on the latest technology, but also expand your wealth of knowledge overall.

4. Don’t Allow Yourself to Get Overwhelmed

You may remember in school that if you were introduced to too much information too soon, you quickly felt overwhelmed. Sometimes, if you put too much on your plate when trying to learn specific technology, you could easily overwhelm yourself again.

The key to learning difficult-to-understand technology is to find the tutorials, define words you don’t know and learning technology that came before it to help you acquire knowledge on the current technology. If you take the process step-by-step without becoming overwhelmed, in no time you will know it like the back of your hand.

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