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Manage WordPress Pages Easily on a Drag-and-Drop Interface

WordPress is not build for pages, its more for the posts. Page Management is not very smooth yet. Here is a plugin that makes life so much easier.

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Best BuddyPress Plugins to Build Your Own Social Net

BuddyPress is a total package. Users can sign-up and maintain a profile. There are activity streams or Status Updates (just like Facebook). Other users can reply to someone else’s updates. They can make Groups, Forums and Blogs. And with plugins, you can take it to any level you choose to.

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How to get lots of authority links for your website?

The quality of links that direct to your website, ultimately decides the health of your website, as quality links helps in generating quality traffic and more importantly higher rankings for your website.

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Display Tweets in Your Posts with Tweet Freezer

There are many reasons why you would need to show off some tweets in your blog posts. You might want to do so while: -Writing reports of any events that was extensively covered by live tweets. -Sharing a funny story from twitter where you might have to show some tweets.

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How to Submit a Press Release

So, you’ve decided to launch a website or blog and you’d like to get the word out there. It’s time you submit your first press release to let everyone know what’s new about your site and why he or she should visit. Your angle can really be as simple as the launch of the site.

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