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How many Hours should you Research on your First Blog

I have met some people who spend days and weeks researching on blogging, reading success stories and reading all the blogging tips out there. Here is the advice I give them.

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Happy Birthday!

On my last birthday, when I turned 20, I looked back and thought. What have I done with my 20 years? Though every moment is worth living, there was nothing I could point out as ‘something’. I turned 21 today, and here it is, my cute little space on the web, that I am a lot proud of!

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Do you have WordPress on your PC?

Many a times, I found myself spending time with the offline WordPress blog than the online one. Most of the posts in the articles tagged WordPress Hacks and Plugin Killer are a result of this.

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How often do you brood over your Blunders?

When StudioPress Themes (back then, it was called Revolution Themes), who had made their themes available for free download, decided to remove the free download links from their site, I uploaded all the themes I had in my collection and made it available for free download. I had the entire set with me and the post went popular in no time.

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Handsome Content Need a Sexy Queen

Chris Pearson is arguably one of the top theme designers. (Yes!) He designed the Thesis theme and on he explains the functions of a good theme as one that’s accessible, flexible, and usable and of course Search Engine Optimized. I would say that a theme has more work to do…

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