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7 Things Every Programmer Must Know

Programming for the last two decades has been indispensable to the success of every industry. Programmers contribute a lot in terms of success and are therefore always in high demand. It would not be surprising if you were willing to

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5 Technologies That Will Change The World Forever

When you think about what’s going to happen in the future, you might be thinking about flying cars, enormous skyscrapers that reach into space, and medicines that can cure pretty much any disease or infection. However, did you know that

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Reaching Customers Through Ringless Voicemail – A Legal Perspective

Ringless voicemail is a technology that leaves a voice mail to a consumer without making a phone call. It uses server-to-server communication and completely bypasses the wireless cellular network. Instead, the technology makes a call to a business-class number of

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5 Ways To Make Devops Work For You

Whether you use Agile, SOAP, REST, scrum or kanban… if you’re in IT, DevOps can help you. That’s a fact. DEVelopment OPerationS. Devops. Tools. Strategies. A way of operating procedures that let software devs and IT teams (DBAs, for example),

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5 iOS Features That Boost Your iPad’s Productivity

Gadgets are judged on the basis of a variety of factors today. The intense competition to perform assures punctilious judgments. One of the key factors is efficiency. Apple has set a benchmark in terms of performance and therefore has the

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