15+ Free and Open Source Logo Designs

A product is as good as its package, and a website is as good as its design. An impressive website design is a must have to impress a reader, and the best part of website design is the logo design. Web 2.0 logos (like the twitter logo, Skype logo etc.) rule the best part of the web, making the text logos look too old. If you still don’t have a web 2.0 logo, design one today or use one of these fully editable free logos!

All these Logos are:

  • Free: You are free to use it for both commercial and personal uses.
  • Open Source: The download includes the actual psd file. I used Adobe Photoshop to make them. There are lots of other free editors on Google!
  • All in One: The download contains all the things used to make the logo including the fonts and textures. I have used original (my own) or free textures and fonts only.
  • Cool: Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, so tell me how beautiful your eyes are!
  • Free Support: If you need any help regarding customizing these logos for your site, just drop me a mail.

Free Logo Designs for Your Website

Cool Metallic Logo

Cool Metal Free Logo

Cool Metal Free Logo

Ever since I did this site a redesign, I had been getting lots of requests for the logo design. Infact, it’s those requests that inspired me to make the rest of the logos. This logo looks like blended soft steel. The Logo looks good on blogs with dark backgrounds. As I have told all those who already have it, please don’t use the exact copy. I already have it on my pages, try to be different.
Bonus: A Christmas Logo is also included with the download.

Many started using the exact logo, so I was forced to remove this to save my brand, blame them. Sorry 🙁

Colored Blocks Logo

Colored Blocks Free Logo

Colored Blocks Free Logo

The Colored blocks are all about freedom and fun. This logo especially suits life-style blogs, which discuss about people, girl stuffs or fun. But in the hands of a brilliant artist, this might turn into another tech blog logo!

Download Colored Blocks Logo (Zip Archive, 116 KB)

Born To Blog? Get this Logo

I am a Born Blogger Free Logo

I am a Born Blogger Free Logo

Inspired from the Skype Logo, it suits well in blogs that discuss about Skype and related technologies. Do you have a personal blog instead? Then grab this, its all about personality. You can change the blue color and make it look good on any page.

Download Born Blogger Logo (Zip Archive, 70 KB)

FreqOut Neon Logo

Freqout Free Logo

Freqout Free Logo

Let the Neon Lamps tell the world what your site is all about. This Neon bulb logo looks great on dark backgrounds. Let the party begin!

Download FreqOut Logo (Zip Archive, 101 KB)

Logo in Bits and Pieces

Bits And Pieces Free Logo

Bits And Pieces Free Logo

This was the logo I used to have in my blogspot blog. A slight change of color makes the logo look totally different. Try it out.

Download Bits and Pieces Logo (Zip Archive, 122 KB)

Lillie’s Bliss, Metal on Green Logo

Lillies Bliss Free Logo

Lillies Bliss Free Logo

Some rounded metal, a Green Frame and some Shadows, that’s what this logo is all about. Must suit any kind of blog, I would recommend you to use a font with rounded edges to suit the style. It’s all yours.

Download Lillie’s Bliss Logo (Zip Archive, 77 KB)

Go For Wood, Logo in Wood

Go For Wood Free Logo

Go For Wood Free Logo

Statutory Notice: No trees were cut down to make this logo!

Add some antique touch to your blog with this all wood logo. The texture used is included with the zip archive.

Download Go For Wood Logo (Zip Archive, 247 KB)

Daily Blogger Logo

Daily Blogger Free Logo Design

Daily Blogger Free Logo

Your daily readers will adore the gloss and curves of this logo. The strips on the background are mere street markings. Try a do-not-cross police line instead.

Download Daily Blogger Logo (Zip Archive, 139 KB)

Going Green, Checked Out Logo

Checked Out Free Logo

Checked Out Free Logo

That’s the letter X all around the image, I love the color, I love the font, and so its here now! Simple logo, so it must suit any kind of blog.

Download Checked Out Logo (Zip Archive, 122 KB)

Twips Online, Twitter Style Logo

Twips Online Free Logo

Twips Online Free Logo

Twitter has exceeded Digg in terms of traffic, and I am already bit by the twitter birdie. This logo is for all the twitter fans out there. Let’s meet up on twitter. (New to twitter? Read the Twitter Quick Start Guide)

Download Twips Online Logo (Zip Archive, 47 KB)

Hack Bay Logo

Hack Bay Free Logo

Hack Bay Free Logo

A Web 2.0 Logo in sizzling red. Dark backgrounds will adore this logo.

Download Hack Bay Logo (Zip Archive, 68 KB)

Gooldie Logo, Time to get Rich

Gooldie Free Logo

Gooldie Free Logo

Gold meant wealth, power and authority in the past. Get rich soon with blessing from the past. Finance Bloggers and the make money online gurus will love this.

Download Gooldie Logo (Zip Archive, 167 KB)

Infinite Lines Logo

Infinite Lines Free Logo

Infinite Lines Free Logo

A stream of parallel lines for any kind of blog. Well there are a lot of things that you can do with this logo.

Download Infinite Lines Logo (Zip Archive, 242 KB)

Dreamy Blog Logo

Dreamy Blog Free Logo

Dreamy Blog Free Logo

Made for those blogs that write about girlie stuffs. I guess you will have to use a magnifier to notice the glowing tips. 🙂

Download Dreamy Blog Logo (Zip Archive, 127 KB)

Black Magik Logo

Black Magic Free Logo

Black Magic Free Logo

Web 2.0 style logo in black with a tingle of gloss. Don’t mind the colored blocks in the preview here, its much better when used on pure white pages.

Download Black Magik Logo (Zip Archive, 96 KB)

Reflectoo Logo

Reflectoo Free Logo

Reflectoo Free Logo

The logo speaks on itself. I have used a gradient stroke to get the slimming effect. (The letters get slimmer towards the bottom.) When you change the background, remember to edit the stroke as well.

Download Reflectoo Logo (Zip Archive, 62 KB)

How did you like it?

As I said at the start, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, so tell me what you think about these logo designs. If you really like it, use the cute buttons at the end of this post to submit it to the social networks that you are a part of. Also you may consider subscribing to catch updates in the future. (Via feed, via email)

Hello, I am Arun Basil Lal. Thank you for reading!

I am a WordPress product developer and creator of Image Attributes Pro. I am passionate about solving problems and travelling the world.

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  1. Himanshu says:

    cool! some great work. Didn’t know that you were a designer too 🙂

  2. All ’em are indeed wonderful.
    Colored Blocks Logo
    Cool Metallic Logo
    and Balck Magik Logo

    are the ones that impressed me the most.
    Nice work.

  3. Girish says:

    Excellent . Gooldie Logo is cool, I may select one for my blog 🙂

  4. bobby says:

    this post simply rocks…….. i loved… and now its in my bookmark

  5. Nihar says:

    Thanks for the list of sites. Will check to create a logo for my header. I don’t have a logo. I just have a text NiharsWorld in the header.

    • Arun says:

      Hey, its not a list of sites, these are the logos that I made on my own and they are hosted on my server 🙂
      Am curious to see how my logos appear on some live pages!

  6. NiuHH says:

    Good! So beautiful!Do you know which sites can make LOGO?

  7. Pavan Somu says:

    wow dats gr8

  8. Logo ideas says:

    the hack bay logo is extreme. nice post beutiful logo designs

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