How to get lots of authority links for your website?

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Creating online hegemony isn’t that easy task. You need hard work and strategy in place. Don’t you agree? Authority links to your website will help you increase your page rank in the top search engines out there.

But, the most sensitive part is how to get started. If you can answer to this question, you have the right way to go through!

Building Authority Backlinks

The quality of links that direct to your website, ultimately decides the health of your website, as quality links helps in generating quality traffic and more importantly higher rankings for your website.

Here are some of instant catching points that’d generate authority links to your website:

Go for Article Marketing!

The process is simple, yet laborious. Article marketing demands for relevant and high quality and quantity articles. There is lot of spammy junk of articles marketed by the website owners, and if you do not market quality articles in the bulk, you’d get lost in the crowd of spammers. There’d be no authority links coming to your website.

Indulge in Quality Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Social Media Marketing is meant for directing quality audience to your website and more relevant authority links too. Submitting the articles or a word about your product or your company can bring real time and purposeful links back to your website.

But, marketing in social media isn’t that easy stuff. You need to create appeal and interest about your product, and again a lot depends on the chance. The best thing to create an attraction and appeal on the social media sites is to present objective and ordered lists describing your products or services.

A good and effective list will help in giving authority links to your website. Web audience will throng your site looking for quality information only. Keep in mind that you do not propagate junks among the community that you create on the social media marketing sites.

Directory Submissions

Directory submissions is a good means to get authority links directed to your website. But, here again, this method has reduced the intensity of generating quality audience, especially, if one considers the popularity of Google.

Still, you can submit to popular directories and wait patiently to see links pointing to your website. Do not panic or haste to see volume of traffic directed to your website. And moreover, do not submit the articles to bad or unpopular directories as these would not do any good to you.

Creating Online Communication

By posting questions and answers on popular and rich community websites such as Yahoo! Answers, Google Groups and Squidoo, will create authority links to your website. Mind it that you place you provide your links in the questions and answers appropriately so that audience catches quickly.

Guest Blogging

It is yet another popular means to get popular and authority links to your website. People will read your blogs, and if they find some real substantial stuff in it, will click on the author link below to visit your website.

Keep these healthy practices going, and see that you have authority created out there on the website!

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  1. Santhosh says:

    Thanks for the tips…You can get links from forums too…Just make sure not to spam them and post relevant content!!

  2. Mark says:

    Arun, good tips, however, do you think directory submissions are still part of an SEO strategy? At this juncture I do not build any links I am more a content guy. But on the other hand, my sites where I had submitted to directories in the past have more PR. Maybe they are older sites. But maybe the directories did help. Maybe people today say directories will not help and could hurt. I think this is not true. What is your opinion about the effectiveness of directories for helping well written content sites get a little more juice?

    I have noticed your site really rocks, is there anything else you do?

    • Hello Mark,

      I wouldn’t recommend Directory Submission as the main SEO strategy, and if that’s the only plan of the SEO someone is hiring, he shouldn’t hire him at all. But I would still do it, Backlinks, no matter what the source is, is always a plus.

      But then again, its more dependent on how much time you have in your hands. For blogs I think Guest Posting is a great way to build backlinks 🙂

      Nice meeting you mark, thanks for your compliment. I do have some niche blogs and I do WordPress blogs and Websites. I see that you are a wordpress consultant. Way to go 🙂

  3. make money online bl says:

    Thanks for the information…very helpful. I’m trying to learn more about this so I’m always searching for useful info. thanks again!

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