Want To Track Your Lovers? Install These Best Spying Apps

Does your relationship is a victim of any misunderstanding? Or your lover is cheating you? Then why you are worried, just go ahead and install new and exciting spy apps to shield your relation.

If we look around, we will observe a number of people tying themselves in beautiful relations of love, marriage and engagement. But who knows to which extent your relation will last.

Unfortunately, numerous cases of illegal liaison are dragged to the court. Moreover, honor killing is getting very common nowadays, due to amorous entanglements.

To avoid these disputes and have a strong and credible bonds many android spy apps are constructed. These apps are designed in such a way that are able to provide you almost every sort of information, required.

Spy Apps

The TruthSpy app

This software is considered as the smartest mspy cell phone tracker for Android. Through this software you can easily access any phone without touching it. This is the latest app designed, composed of many incredible smart features.

Ambient listening is one of the most peculiar feature, enables you to hear the current activities around the targeted device. You can do a live recording of suspicious contacts. Social media apps like whatsapp, Facebook and Instagram can be tracked. You can access media files, contacts and messages.


This app is applicable for iPad, iPhone and iPod. The salient feature of this app is to gather all the contacts that are jumbled on variety of social media apps and are hard to find and follow at one place.

As this app does not depends on GPS or location tracking activation or any other virtual check-ins, for monitoring. Many other spy apps rely on location activation (as the user turn on the location, their activities and information is tapped). It does not require any installation on targeted device and conformation notice.

Cozi Family Organizer

People have confined the meaning of spy, refers to tracking spouse, girlfriends and boyfriends only. Variety of spy apps are developed to keep an eye on the children.

Cozi Family Organizer is a parental control app that allows the parents to restrict the activities of their brats. Parents can monitor the current location, browsed websites, videos and contents, their children are watching. This application offers you to motivate your children through different activities to browse the data that is safe and informative for them.

It also offers an option of blocking indecorous sites as well as entertainment hub for the family (includes shopping list, to do list, reminders and alerts).


ChoreMonster is another all-in-one app for parents. This software is available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

This applications provides a very pragmatic feature that permits the parents to fascinate their children through various activities. The thing that indulge them in performing tasks is giving them rewards and exciting prizes. Kids are awarded after the completion of every task. This feature eschew the brats from the abusive use of internet.

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