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Around the same time of the year in 2009, I was a part of an amazing online coaching programme named Online Profits. If you read some of the popular blogs, you might have already heard of Online Profits before, if not, here is my testimonial.

Online Profits is an Online Training Programme on Internet Marketing, Business and related entities. Daniel Scocco of is the Founder and key instructor with support from 9 other Internet Celebs including Yaro Starak and Courtney Tuttle.

Online Profits

The programme opens up once in a while, takes in a few participants and closes till the training of the batch is complete. Its open now with just 300 seats, and as I write this, I assume that it is getting filled. It should be, after the over-whelming response and reviews of last year.

I am sure Daniel has much more than what I am gonna say here; here is what I got in the last season.

The Training programme began from the very basics of the internet, business and understanding the basic concepts of search engines. If you had been using the internet for a while you might have probably come across some of those. Then there are always points that you missed.

Fast forward a couple of lessons and I ended up with Domains. There are some tools inside the members area that will help you decide on a good domain name, plus the tips on choosing a good domain name are awesome. Obviously after Domains came Web Hosting.

There were lessons on Niche Marketing and lessons that teach you how to choose a niche market, how to do market research and some working Business models that will help you in making money online, if you are interested 😉 Links to free and paid tools were also included.

Well, am getting into too much details, let me make it super-quick. WordPress, SEO basics, Forums, Link Building, Advertising, Affiliate Marketing and other stuffs you need to build up your own website and online business are all in the package.

Each lesson ends with action points. An audio version of the lesson was also available, and it should be there this time too.

PLUS there is an amazing forum where you can talk on the lesson and also with other members. Forum discussions extend beyond those in the lessons. The best thing is Daniel is available on there almost 24×7. Forum threads are promptly replied. Daniel treats you like friends, so its not like the replies that you get to comments on his blog, much better.

Ok, Online Profits wont make you a pro in SEO or Niche Marketing in 3 months. Don’t expect to learn some secrets that will make you a millionaire over-night. The truth is there are no secrets (as far as I know, or are there any?). You will get the lessons, and the tools, if you use them and work on them, you will be good.

The cost is $98 x 4 instalments , for which you get life-time access to the forums even after the course is over. See whats in store this time and Sign-Up.

If you like to start your own online business or take up Blogging seriously, then its your lucky day. Go ahead. I strongly recommend Online Profits.

In case you are looking for something specific, or got any queries, contact Daniel via email.

P.S.: His Newsletter subscribers get a free one-hour consulting with Daniel on any topic of your choice, which is something big. I don’t know if its available to new subscribers too. No matter what, subscribe to his newsletter, one or two articles a month, amazing tips.

Update: Just 50 more seats remaining, act now.

Hello, I am Arun Basil Lal. Thank you for reading!

I am a WordPress product developer and creator of Image Attributes Pro. I am passionate about solving problems and travelling the world.

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  1. Daniel has created a fantastic product and with the success of the first round on Online Profits I am sure this second round will be just as successful.

  2. Sriraj says:

    If I remember correctly, you got that chance through some competition right (most web traffic in a period…?).
    Lucky Guy.

  3. Amal Roy says:

    Thats looking nice. You are lucky.

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