New Marketing Trends for 2020

Marketing trends can change very fast. In the year 2020, there are so many new marketing trends that you can use for the development of your business.

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In this article, some of the new marketing trends that you can follow in 2020 are discussed.

Allowing customers to buy from social media

It has been a big problem for digital marketers to divert the traffic from social media to the original website so the visitors can buy a product.

But now it is no longer needed. A new social commerce system is developed now that enables a shopper to buy directly from a social media post without having to visit the original website. It is not actually a new development, but it is getting much popularity in 2020. 

It makes the process of shopping easier for online shoppers and involves only a few steps. It is easier to convert traffic using this marketing trend. If a firefighter sees a post with the headline pro deals for firefighters in a social media post, then he is likely to explore the post and try to buy the products.

This new development in digital marketing has affected the sales very positively and now more sellers are adopting this approach to get more sales from their posts on social media.

Messaging the customers directly

Now, brands want to connect to the audience more personally. With the advancement of technology, it is now possible to easily communicate with customers. It is possible to do so by using messaging apps like What’s App, Viber, and other apps. Businesses are also using direct messaging services on Twitter and Facebook to connect with the audience.

Many brands are now able to build a stronger relationship with the customers and get valuable insights about what the customer wants with the help of this technique. It is a marketing trend that is gaining popularity very quickly. 

The brands also use the direct messaging service to reply to any queries that are made by the customer or resolve any issues that the customers are facing with the products or the services. This is a trend that is growing rapidly in the field of digital marketing.

Providing customers with more security

Hackers are always lurking on the internet and e-commerce websites are one of their favorite targets. They want to hack the information of the customers for personal gain. If the customers don’t feel assured about the safety of their data, they won’t buy from that website and not even visit it a second time. 

It is crucial that the customers are provided with strong security and every measure should be taken so the data of the customers are safe. Companies and brands are now giving more attention to make sure that the data of their customers are safe and there is no way to breach their systems.

They are hiring more cybersecurity experts to make their website and apps more secure to protect from the threat of hackers. It is one of the most important trends in digital marketing that every brand needs to follow.

Using micro-influencers for your brands

Hiring an influencer who is very popular can be costly and, most often, small businesses can’t afford them. Micro-influencers are now more in demand by small businesses as they have enough influence to make their brands popular and they cost much less. They also have a specific niche which makes it easy for the business to target the specific audience that they want.

Micro-influencers can be used to target a very specific niche of customers which makes them very popular amount small business brands and they are very influential in the current market.

Using contents to interact with the customers

Businesses are using content that makes the audience interact with the company. The content can consist of a quiz, surveys, calculators, maps, and other interactive contents. This kind of content is often used on the e-commerce website or on social media posts to engage the audience with the brand. This marketing trend is getting very popular in 2020. The content style is now changing and this trend is quickly becoming popular.

It is important to be updated about the new trends in digital marketing so you can promote your brand to the customers successfully.

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