6 Predictions For The Convergence of IoT And Digital Marketing

In 2019, we’ve reached a moment which will enter history books when it comes to digital marketing. A significant shift in digital marketing has happened with the Internet Of Things (IoT).

IoT will allow us to predict, analyze, learn, and respond to customer’s behavior in every market around the world.

Internet Wifi Iot

Digital marketing companies in Dubai are already prepared for the new wave of digital marketing trends coming our way, and they’re planning new marketing strategies that will hit the market as soon as possible, but there’s always more to be done.

Let’s Begin With Basics – What Is IoT?

IoT (Internet Of Things) are all the devices (except computers, smartphones, and tablets) that can connect to the internet. Some of you have already these devices, some haven’t – but they will.

What devices are we talking about?

For example, if a home air conditioning unit is capable of establishing an internet connection with your router, this unit can be manipulated through your smartphone or computer remotely.

Temperatures in the UAE can be unbearable. If you live in the UAE, and you’re coming back from work on a hot and sunny day, all you want is to escape the desert heat. After arriving home, you’ve realized that your home is also warm and unpleasant.

What if you could turn on the air conditioning in your home from your office? When you come back home, it’ll be chilled to the soothing temperature you enjoy the most.

In case you are running out of your favorite juice, your refrigerator could identify the potential situation and show you a message on its screen or even notify you personally through your smart device about the best deals for buying fresh juice in your current location. These devices and the connection they have between themselves is known as the Internet Of Things.

Now, imagine how could digital marketing benefit from IoT technology achievements. By following consumers behavior, patterns and habits, digital marketing agency Dubai is capable of finding the best way to promote their clients and services through IoT with push notifications, and other methods.

What Can We Expect In The Future?

Today, we’ll talk more about this subject, and we’ll discuss the predictions for the convergence of digital marketing and IoT. Having this much data on your disposal, as a marketer, you may get confused with what to do with all this data.

Marketers might not know how to successfully integrate consumer’s patterns and behavioral signals into their marketing strategies because of massive data influx.

Let’s discuss some of the convergence predictions we thought about.

IoT Data, Analytics, And Attribution Will Improve Contextual Marketing

IoT devices provide marketers with enormous amounts of data from which they can have an insight on consumer’s needs, intent, behavior, location, purchase patterns, as well as desires.

This kind of information was previously unavailable, and all of this makes it a lot easier for marketers to serve consumers with contextually relevant marketing messages at the most optimal time and place.

Agency’s Importance Will Increase Significantly

Every digital agency Dubai have their standard responsibilities as an agency, but with all this in mind, the agency will have a more critical, increasingly technical, and data-centric role to play as technology partners. The agency’s personnel will need to evolve their skill sets to comply with innovations at hand.

They’ll need to develop a new approach to managing marketing initiatives, campaigns, pricing, etc. In case you wish to build a new website, follow this link, and read through the blogs, which will help you solve some common issues with website development.

Marketing Agencies Will Deliver More Personalized Messages To Consumers

Enabling your marketers to deliver more personalized messages promptly, and at a precise moment to the optimal device will have a significant impact on digital marketing we know. All of this will allow digital marketing access to a place they have never visited before.

Opening new doors for digital marketing business will surely transform the way digital marketing companies in Dubai operated.

Treating IoT Data With The Utmost Care

Marketing technologies, as well as platforms, will be able to use IoT data in similar fashion cookies, and unique IDs are utilized today. These platforms will use IoT signals as well to improve our current cross-device technologies further. Creating these platforms that can analyze, ingest, and act on the accumulated data sets is a daunting task.

The evolution of machine learning and AI will help create marketing technology platforms that can process, evaluate, and interpret all of these data-sets in real-time.

The Era Of New Digital Devices

Knowing that all devices connected to the internet are a path for marketers to engage consumers, marketers must move beyond traditional devices like computers, smartphones, etc. to more unconventional devices like cars, refrigerators, air conditioners, and others as potential touchpoints.

Increased Inspection Of Security And Privacy

Vast amounts of data lead to greater responsibilities and potential troubles. We can expect new regulations on security and privacy, along with technologies focused on the protection of both enterprise and consumer’s data.

Consider improving your business by hiring out digital marketing agency Dubai. Contact us, and we’ll follow up on your ideas and wishes to create the perfect marketing strategy for your company.

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