Engineering from God’s own country

A nation progresses economically on the pillars of hard-work of doctors, politicians, scientists, soldiers, economists etc. One section, among these, plays a vital role in the development of the Nation; that section is of engineers. Engineering covers the whole physical development area like aeronautics, medical, electronics, computer, mechanical, automobiles, civil etc. A decision regarding whether to pursue Engineering or not is a personal one. However, one can only assist you assist in making that decision.

Why Engineering?

The importance of engineering can be best explained as establishing skills to improve the society and creating a better, sustainable world to live in. The skills which you polish in yourself as an engineer will help you provide practical solutions to crucial problems. Other soft skills such as time-management, Teamwork, Leadership skills, analysing the situations from a practical and financial perspectives are all integral to pursuing Engineering.

Engineering Colleges in Kerala

In a country like India, there is no shortage of engineering colleges and almost every state has ample number of engineering colleges. Kerala, in South India on the Malabar Coast, is no less. Kerala was the first Indian state to be recognised as a completely literate state. If one regards Engineering, Kerala has a long list of Government, Self-financing and Private Engineering Colleges. A few examples of these engineering colleges are: National Institute of Technology Calicut, Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology, Trivandrum, College of Engineering, Trivandrum, Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Technology, Kottayam, College of Dairy Science and Technology, Mannuthy, Thrissur, Calicut University Institue of Engineering & Technology, Tenchipalam, Thangal Kunju Musaliar College of Engineering, Kollam, Government Engineering College, Thrissur, Indian Institute of Technology Palakkad, L B S Institute of Technology for Women, Trivandrum etc.

Why Kerala?

It is hardly a surprise that Kerala is not the most popular state to study in among students. This is because, where Kerala excels in education, hygiene, cuisine, culture and natural life, it lacks in providing good quality life and very often people would suggest that students should pursue education in Kerala but never settle in the state. Nevertheless, which state and society does not face problems and Kerala is just the same. Following are some qualities which make Kerala stand out of the crowd:-

  • It has breath-taking natural sights: Kerala is a living example of how one should preserve nature and live along with it rather than destroying it. It is full of lush natural greenery and has some of the best tourist destinations.
  • It has the highest literacy ratio in India, high female- sex ratio.
  • It is a power house of distinct and diverse cultural background. The culture of the state has its deep roots in the state’s rich history as a port of spice and other commodity trade.
  • The state is also prides in providing religious harmony and tolerance and stands as a model for unity in diversity of different religions and cultures, be it international or national

To sum up, Kerala may not be your first preference for Graduation and post-graduation but it certainly must earn a spot in your list of Education Hubs. If you wish to further enhance the quality of life in Kerala or any Indian state for that matter, pursue Engineering and help our country’s states prosper!

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