Data Monetization Tactics: Making the Most of Your ‘Wasted Data’

As a company or business owner, you undoubtedly collect lots of data in your day to day business. You’ll typically use some of this data to grow your business. This could be through marketing.

However, it is impossible to use all of the data you collect. Some of it ends up as waste. And since you don’t know what to do with it, it lies idle on your computers.

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What you might not know is that you could monetize this data. Many businesses need this data and they could accomplish a lot with it.

Why is your data valuable to other businesses?

Data coming from any industry has become a commodity. It doesn’t matter what line of business you are in, be it transport, banking, telecommunication or hospitality. What you consider as waste data could be immensely valuable to other businesses.

For instance, new enterprises require a lot of data to build their businesses. If you have relevant data stored on your computers, such people will be more than willing to buy it. They use this data to find new revenue streams, retain their customers, get new customers, and so on.

How can you monetize your data?

Even though you are sitting on a gold mine, you might be afraid of sharing your data with strangers. And if you are careless, businesses that buy your data can threaten your privacy. If you are going to monetize your data for any reason whatsoever, safety is of the essence.

The best option is to partner with a third-party organization so that you can monetize your data and still safeguard sensitive company data. You can learn more about this subject from experts in data management software, and you can check out one of the best at

You need to identify viable opportunities to monetize your data. You can target startups in your line of business. Such businesses can make good use of your data.

Existing businesses are always expanding to other industries and introducing new products. Since these are unchartered territories, they like to gather enough data on these areas before they get started. This is where your data may come in handy.

But first, you have to be alert and think outside the box to find such companies. Working with these companies can be tremendously lucrative.

Paths to data monetization

In case you are not familiar with paths to data monetization, you can start by doing it internally. This refers to leveraging data for the improvement of your company’s operations. The process revolves around using your data to unlock other departments and adding value to your products and services.

The other path revolves around monetizing your data externally. This where you generate revenue by availing data to other businesses. You can monetize your data in one or both ways.

As you can see, your excess data isn’t useless. So long as you find a way to offer it to your customers and partners, you should be in business. The best way to monetize your data is to first extend it to other departments in your company. But if they don’t need it, extending it to other companies can be quite profitable.

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