Coaching Industry is Gained Momentum Since Last Few Years

Coaching is in, as it ranks in top ten searches in google after news, celebrities, events and IT! There are a host of people who need coaching in order to succeed in various stages of life. So if you were wondering if you need one, just read on what the areas coaching can help.

Coaching reminds us of school days’ sports coaches while many from the field of Psychology has turned to career counselling and now termed as wellness consultant. However, coaching has evolved since 1900s, and the help and guidance at personal and professional level is being looked as a career choice by many now a day. They are young and old who are seasoned in their respective industry verticals and are finding the right opportunity.

So listing down where coaching as an industry is emerging field:

  • Business or management coaching
  • Life coaching
  • Personal coaching
  • Health or fitness coaching
  • Sports coaching
  • Career coaching
  • Executive leadership coaching

Some of the facts, we ought to know is that coaching is over a $1-billion-dollar industry, and is growing to increase in scope where the figures show 20% YoY growth. It has been estimated that the above coaching aggregate serves over 80 countries with over 50000 professional coaches worldwide.

Personal coaches are the top ranking serving all population across social economic strata, after IT domain.

Initially coaching was confined to some specific gaps it has increased the scope in commerce, industry and even public utility services. The readiness of the service receivers accepting growth shows that there was lack of goal, idea, concepts, creating confusion which led to coaching flourish. It differs in terms of training and mentoring, as the practitioners are engaged in developing skills that fosters learning process in terms of skills, behaviour and attitude towards the task at hand.

Coaching ideally guides the individual stuck and let them choose appropriate path which defines the individual’s ability to succeed and perform. Coach may not have definite answers but have methods, which help receivers to acclaim new heights of confidence and empowerment.

Coaching has its based in Psychology with the practice of CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) that led to creation of cognitive behavioural coaching (CBC). Therefore, gradually establishing rules and regulations for coaching practice, ethical standards, regulations to form the European Mentoring and Coaching council. The business domain saw the emergence of HR department and trainers, coaching institutes taking additional responsibilities to make coaching work in the sporting world in 80s and 90s.

Coaching therefore has gained value which is equipping as a facilitator, motivator to incorporate skills that is more structured and systematic. There is a change that is inherent to the coaching process, which is a staged and timed one that impacts the learning curve of the individual.

The industries are increasingly deploying external coaches that give them a fresh approach and perspective to their existing way of working. This is a value add, as development of employees at various organisational levels is helping teams, individuals, board and organisation productivity to take on challenge further. So coaching per se, has involved general management, HR, Counselling, and even Psychotherapy domains while the key thrust areas are personal and business domain.

Coaching Journals is a testimony as the discipline is emerging and has become more structured and gaining momentum in terms of work being done. Associations are encouraging research and practice which is ideally looking to develop failsafe models through insight research and its industry application.

The industry has set the minimal skill requirements to become a coach which is essential as they are taking up tasks to change life process, skills and attitudes of people around the world. Industries are accepting the change which is making structural amendments in order to equip coach (beginner, master, advanced) level to be streamlined, professional and effective.

Coaching at professional level is making use of coaching agreement between the firm and receiver, that defines the coaching process as more professional in its approach.

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