Best Items Made with 3D Printing Technology

The future of our world with 3D printing technology is very bright. Apart from producing state of the art designs and top-quality products like what big companies do today, it was believed to help humankind on creation of body organs that will get rid of the need to wait for organ donors.

But for now, we’ll focus on what 3D printing technology has done for us. Here are the best useful things created via the high-tech 3D printer.

A Fully Functional Working Gun

Years ago, a 3D printed gun will easily break after firing some rounds. But today, thanks to Defense Distributed and 3D printing users can now download some necessary files to print their own working firearms. Defense Distributed launched the Wiki Weapon Project on July 27, 2012 that will work on creating the files/data required to make the world’s first printable gun.

Robotic Prosthetics

High school student Easton LaChappelle from Colorado made use of free 3D printing tech to create a fully functional prosthetic hand and arm. When he was fourteen, Easton had a project wherein he built a robotic hand using legos. The seventeen year old genius has already visited US President Barack Obama to demonstrate his new invention.

Google Glass in Any Color

Sunny Gao is an entrepreneur from China who made his own pair of Google Glasses via 3D printing. This invention doesn’t have Bluetooth and Wi-fi support unlike the real thing. However, additive manufacturing will let you choose your preferred color before printing. You just need to search for a technology that can easily attach Wi-fi, GPS or Bluetooth on a device to make it better than the original.

Camera Lens

It is very difficult to produce camera lens even with the use of traditional production techniques. But with 3D printing, you can easily manufacture your own lends and even come up with personalized designs. One 3D printed camera lens was reported to have been created with the use of acrylic as replacement for glass on the lens. It was also used to make small parts come together and after combining them, the result is fantastic!

Customer Smartphone Cases and Other Gear Wraps

One of the most common things that a 3D printer can produce easily is a beautiful case. Apart from easier execution of design, color and sizes, products of additive manufacturing may be more sustainable than those that were prototyped or mass produced. The technology lets you design your own smartphone case without spending too much time and money.

3D-Printed Fabrics

Fashion is only expected to level up a hundred times because of 3D printing. New fabrics will be born and new kinds of trend would hit the world of fashion. Needles and thread will be obsolete with 3D printing technology once it was boosted by a software that collects data of target wearer to generate the clothing that fits perfectly.

Additive manufacturing requires less labor and reduces the carbon footprint. This technology will also decrease the production time and boost the marketability of a clothing line.

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