Log WordPress Database Queries To File

Useful to see what changes are made in the WordPress database by a plugin, theme or other code. Add this to functions.php

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Convert WordPress Image Filename To Lowercase

WordPress by default will preserve capitalisation in filename for images. To make filenames lowercase automatically, add the following to the functions.php of your active theme.

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Easily Find ID of Post, Page or Product In WordPress

The easiest way to find the Post ID, Page ID or Product ID in WordPress is to hover over the post in WordPress admin and check the link. The number after post= and before & is the post ID. You

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Stock Trading Is Not Investing

Stock trading isn’t making money while you sleep. Typically traders do intra-day trades. Which means the trade begins in the morning when markets open and is done by the time it closes. Nothing happens overnight.

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Take Action: Create An Emergency Fund

Think of your emergency fund as the umbrella in your backpack. I hope you never have to use it, but it’s important to be prepared.

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