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Stay Away From ULIP – Never Mix Insurance And Investment

I think ULIP’s were invented because the average Indian could not digest the idea of paying a premium each year for life insurance and not getting anything back when the term ends. It’s really hard to sell. But if you charge twice the premium and invest half of the money in the stock market and return the profits from that half, then it’s easy to sell!

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Debt Mutual Funds

Debt mutual fund is a semi-secret gem that not many really talks about. Debt mutual funds primarily invest in Debt instruments like government and company bonds, Treasury bills (T-Bills), debentures etc. They hope to generate a fixed income.

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.htaccess For WordPress In A Folder Without URL Change

For quick reference. Remember to change my_subdir and Reference: Giving WordPress Its Own Directory

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Getting Started With Mutual Funds

If you are like most people, you do not know enough about the economy, nor have the inclination to learn and stay on top of the market. Even if you do, as a retail investor sitting at home with a laptop, information available to you is limited. This is where mutual funds come in. Here is a simplistic picture of how they work.

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Take Action: Open A PPF Account. This Is The Why

If you do not have an EPF account, then open a PPF account. Take action and you can thank me later when you learn more about investments.

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