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Tips for Junior Golfers Who Want to Play in College

Many young golf players wanted to become a part of the varsity team once they entered college. It is a wonderful experience for anyone to become a member of the school’s official golf varsity team. But there is one problem

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10 Guaranteed Ways to Upgrade Your Living Room

For many people, their living room serves as a multi-purpose space. You can use your living room for a variety of activities. However, at some point, you may start to feel that your living room has lost its spark. Maybe

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What to Do If You Don’t Believe the Life Insurance Beneficiary List Is Accurate After the Death of a Parent

In actuality, the insurer is obligated to pay insurance benefits to the named beneficiaries. The designated beneficiaries, therefore, owns the right to claim for their insurance benefits after the death of the insurer. More often than not, the insured choose

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Find all functions hooked to a WordPress action / filter

Quite simply add this near the apply_filters or do_action. global $wp_filter; error_log( “\n ” . print_r( $wp_filter[‘action_or_filter_tag_name’], true ), 3, dirname(__FILE__) . “/my_error_log.log” );

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Debug Tools For WordPress / PHP – current_filter and debug_backtrace

We have already discussed error_log here.  The current_filter() function will return the current WordPress filter or action calling a specific function. The return type is string, so it’s straight forward to just use it. Add the following inside the function

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