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3 Lessons Blogging Taught Me for my Life

Internet and Blogging has a lot to do with my life so far. It started out of interest and then grew into something that took over me completely. Right now, I have started to get offline a lot more, still the lessons I got from my life here will stay forever.

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8 Tips on Copywriting Your Content for Your Blog

Most Internet-users want to find content quickly and easily, and so will only click on the first few search results. Effective seo copywriting helps make sure your blog and its content rank high with search engines, making it much more visible to anyone searching for your keywords. Here are some tips on copywriting your content for your blog more effectively.

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10 Work/Life Balance Tips for Freelancers

Maintaining the balance between work and life is stressful. By devoting yourself completely to your work, you find that you have no time for the more important things. Pull yourself back, become more efficient and relax. Life is more important than work.

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