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How To Create Short URL’s on your WordPress Domain without a Plugin or Script

If you are on WordPress you wont need any of those. Inherently, every post can be queried from the database using its post ID. For instance, this link and this link point to the same post.

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My life married to a Problogger

If you have ever thought about trying to write a blog instead of working for a company,read on. If you are currently blogging and some days wonder if you are doing the right thing, read on. Further, if you live in an up and coming nation like I do (Poland) and not London or New York you have some unique advantages.

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Fix WordPress Capital P Dangit. What is it anyway?

At first look, its so silly. And if it was executed well, no one would have even noticed that. But that’s not how things are now. Apparently, this code even checks the permalinks and breaks them. Its that bad. I am pretty sure Matt didn’t see any of it coming.

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9 Best WordPress Ad Management Plugins

Fortunately, the flexibility of the WordPress platform allows for the use of plugins that can make the implementation and management of advertising campaigns simple, and effective. Here nine of the best WordPress ad managing plugins that can successfully generate revenue from your website.

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