The Logistics of Using Synthetic Urine

Drug tests are commonplace in many organizations today. These tests are in most cases random and unexpected.

If you find yourself required to go through a test, either as a random test at work or when looking for a job, don’t fret if you’ve been using some drugs lately. You can simply get fake urine and present it as a sample for that particular urinalysis test.

However, you need to understand the mechanism of using this urine for it to be effective and to avoid the technicians detecting that its fake. It is important that you also buy urine warmer as part of the kit to help you heat the urine to the required temperature when presenting it for the test.

Biochemistry Urine Testing

So, how do you go about it?

Keep the Urine at the Right Temperature

Presenting urine with incorrect temperature is the number one reason why most people fail their drug tests. Normal urine temperature for humans should be about 37 degrees Celsius or between 90 -99 Fahrenheit range.

If it is anywhere below or above this, then the test will fail. Before presenting the fake urine sample, you have to keep regulating the temperature to ensure that it does not become discolored or destroyed.

Keeping it Warm

If you need to keep your synthetic urine warm, pour it in a plastic bag, then attach it to your body. You can tie it to your thigh or place it in your breasts for women. Normal body temperature is about 37 degrees Celsius will keep the pee warm.

You should not have the pee strapped to your body for a very long time since it might overheat. You can always allow it to cool down though when the time arrives to carry out the test.

Another way of bringing your fake pee to recommended temperature is by heating it using a microwave. This process is a bit tricky and needs you to be very careful not to overheat the sample.

Never place the urine in a metal container when heating it. Use a plastic one and set the microwave to heat for about 10 to 12 seconds depending on the strength of your microwave. Just make sure that you do not overheat it since it might get destroyed.

Using Monkey Dongs and Hand Warmers

This device applies mostly to men. If you have an invasive supervisor, you can get a monkey dong that resembles your skin color. This is an artificial penis that you can use to pretend that you are passing urine from your body. This device comes with a warmer that regulates the pee temperature depending on the weather conditions.

If it is too cold, it will keep the pee warm to the recommended temperature and if it is too hot, then it keeps the substance cool. You can also use a hand warmer that you wrap around your sample and secure in a tightly closed container.

Use Heating Pads

Again, it is all about temperature. You have to present a sample that appears fresh and at the right temperature. Heating pads are perhaps the most effective of all these other methods of keeping your pee at the right temperature.

However, ensure that the pad does not come into contact with even a single drop of water. Otherwise, you will fail the test.

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