Top 10 Website Mistakes Made by Attorneys

A well-designed website like Groth & Associates can be immensely useful for attorneys by helping them to build a professional image and attract clients.

However, there are some common mistakes that attorneys make when building a professional website.

Here are 10 of the most common mistakes as well as the solutions for avoiding them.

Website Mistakes Made By Attorneys

1. Not Taking Ownership

The costliest mistake that attorneys make about their websites is relying on free services. This deprives you of control over the content and performance of your website.

Instead, you should invest in purchasing a domain name and a hosting account from a reliable web hosting company.

2. Following a Confused Strategy

Put simply, this means not having a clear idea of the purpose of the website. As an attorney, you can make your website serve several purposes; projecting your skills, attracting clients, sharing information, and so on.

Having a clear strategy can help in creating a website like Groth & Associates that delivers tangible results.

3. Choosing a Poor Domain

Your domain name not only helps you identify your firm as a reliable law firm, but also makes you easily discoverable on the Web.

When choosing a domain name, think about your existing clients as well as those who might come across your website while searching for law firms online.

4. Poor Design

As an attorney, you should know the reason your target audience visits your website. If their main purpose is to acquire legal information or contact information, make it clearly navigable and accessible.

Avoid overwhelming and distracting your visitors with bad design and unnecessary gadgetry.

5. Creating Heavy Content

Many attorneys forget the image that their websites should project. Flashy web pages and high resolution graphics and videos reduce the downloading speed of your content, especially on smaller devices like smartphones.

Your web pages should have a simple and user-friendly design.

6. Poor Tracking and Monitoring

Building your website is not enough; you should continuously invest and improve upon it. Attorneys who fail to build in online activity tracking systems such as number of new visitors, time spent on each page, and so on, fail to build traffic consistently and improve the functionality of their website.

7. Outdated and Irrelevant Information

A key challenge is to maintain the quality of the content uploaded on your website.

Refresh your website feed at least once a week by updating information in your existing articles while also uploading new articles with information relevant to your current and potential clientele.

8. Poor SEO

A lot of attorneys have the misconception that SEO is not something lawyers need.

The truth is that no website can serve its purpose without being optimised with SEO. A good SEO strategy can help your clients by directing them to your website and access the information and services that they need.

9. Not Registering Online

Many websites fail to gain visibility online because the attorneys fail to register the website in an online directory. By becoming part of such lists, you enable yourself to getting discovered by new clients.

Of course, you need to ensure that you meet the criteria of these directories and online listings.

10. Absence of Testimonials

The first thing you need to address with your client is trust. And the best way to do that is through testimonials. A few, honest, well-written testimonials can give your audience the confidence to try your services.

If you want to expand your legal services and outreach through a website, make sure you do it the right way. Some of the mistakes allow for quick correction while others can be costly.

You will save valuable time and money by avoiding the above mistakes right at the planning stage.

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