5 Tips To Replacing Your Child’s Social Security Card If Lost

A social security card for your child is an important document that should be kept safely. But due to unavoidable circumstances, it may get lost or even stolen.

If so, you should replace the card immediately. The social security card for your child is important because various institutions that include health insurance, banks and government may require the card before offering their services.

Concerned Child

The replacement social security card for the minor procedure is very easy. There are various agencies that can help you do that as well. A few tips on replacing the card will also help you to have the card replaced fast.

Here are 5 tips to replacing your child’s social security card if lost:

1. Have the necessary documents ready

Before you report the loss of your child’s social security card, ensure that you have all the relevant details ready. A child’s Social security card is important and should be replaced immediately.

Some of the documents that will be required include the child’s birth certificate, your ID or passport and all other documents that show proof you are the child’s parent or guardian. You may find out more information on documents required when replacing a child’s social security card at any of the national social security offices.

2. Report the loss of the card immediately

As earlier stated, some institutions will require the social security card for your child. It is therefore important that you report the loss of the card immediately to the local social security office.

You should also give correct details on how the card got lost. Reporting the loss of card immediately also enables you to get the card in two weeks’ time.

3. Get the Application form online

You may download the social security card replacement form online. There are various agencies that can assist you to fill the form.

Alternatively, you may print the form and fill all the required details and resend it back to the social security offices. You should also attach all the relevant documents required as the social security officers need proof of your identity and that of the child. You may attach the original documents or certified copies of the original

4. Deliver the application form and documents to the social security office

You may either mail the application form or present them to the nearest social security offices. Some people, however, prefer to apply for social security card for their kids through a third party. It is usually free to do the replacement for the card but it may take time.

People who live busy lifestyles, however, do it through a third party at a small fee due to the convenience and the fact that it saves them some time.

5. Provide proof of citizenship

This is important because the social security needs to ascertain that only the citizens get the social security card. If you were not born in the US then you might be required to show evidence of naturalization or other documents that prove you are a citizen.

As much as possible, avoid carrying your child’s social security card if not necessary. It should also be stored in a safe place. This way, chances of the card being lost are minimized. Remember you can replace the card only three times per year and ten times in a child’s lifetime.

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