LeadsGate Affiliate Program Review

Is it really possible to make money online? The answer is yes! It’s not a big secret that affiliate marketing is still one of the most important media channels for many Ecommerce websites and financial services companies. The number of different products and services is countless, and millions of people get online every day trying to find deals that match their needs.

So, if you have a blog, or a website, or a strong desire to generate traffic in any other way, it is always a good idea to find a lucrative niche and monetize your traffic with a reliable affiliate network.

By promoting payday and installment loan websites, for example, you’ll be offering people a valuable and relevant service while earning really juicy bonuses from a loan matching service. Let’s take the example of LeadsGate payday loan affiliate program. LeadsGate, as one of the leading payday loan affiliate programs in the U.S, offers a full-featured and balanced affiliate solution. It is primarily a payday loan affiliate solution, but this year they also added a new vertical – Installment loans up to $3000.

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What makes LeadsGate one of the best payday loan affiliate programs?

First of all, LeadsGate is a Pay Per Lead network paying up to $220 per lead for both payday and installment loan leads.

The program provides its affiliates with different types of supporting marketing materials like banners, templates, industry guides, etc. That’s a good jumping-off point for both beginners and advanced online marketers. Another great thing is getting paid for declined leads. If your lead has been rejected, you can still get paid for it, which helps you earn extra 5-10% profit.

It should also be noted that there are several options for webmasters to drive leads to the network. Online marketers can embed LeadsGate’s JS form and get traffic directly to their own websites. It is also possible to use Leadsgate’s API and create your own web form. Those affiliates who don’t have their own websites can direct traffic to one of LeadsGate’s public offers like LoanSolo.com (payday loans up $1000) or Extralend.com (installment loans up to $3000).

As you can see, Leadsgate is one of the best payday loan affiliate programs for a number of reasons. And as I know from first-hand experience, you can’t really get to know an affiliate program unless you actually try it.

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    I am trying to become a member but they are not accepting my application. I sent them more than 20 e-mails but no any reply received yet. I think they are not accepting new applications or not accepting foreigners.

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