6 Ways Technology Can Help You Get Sober

Taking the decision to lead a sober life is definitely not an easy one. Getting away from the clutches of addictive substances, which continue to destroy your life and relationships, does require a lot of will and perseverance.

While there are lot of ways in which help can be found, turning to technology to keep motivating us is quite a practical solution considering the extent to which technology affects our lifestyle.

Stay Sober With Your Phone

Check out the following ways in which we can rely on technology to reach sobriety and continue staying the same throughout our life.

1. Online counseling

People are always ready to help and the internet is one way in which help transcends all borders. There are plenty of therapists ready to talk you out of your present addictive state and even more blogs and posts which have got plenty of inspiring stories to look up to.

If you want to stay anonymous and receive the benefits of such chat rooms and therapy, you are free to do so with the internet. With the help of such people who continue to provide assistance and motivation, reaching the decision to stay sober is the only step required to drastically change the course of your life.

2. Motivational messages

Sometimes, all that makes the difference between remaining sober or relapsing is a reminder. This can be in the form of motivational messages which are delivered to you at predefined intervals. Messages can contain encouraging quotations or even the primary set of reasons as to why you took the decision to start sobering up. Motivation can also come in the form of the amount of money that you have saved by not relapsing and also by the changes that you have started observing as you sobered up. These can provide you the willpower to continue along the right path.

3. Sobriety related Apps

When there are apps available for almost everything, it is only natural to find apps to help a person get sober. Apps focusing on getting sober use a variety of methods which try to cover many different aspects of the problem.

While some of them provide immediate access to help centers according to location, others allow connection to a group consisting of members undergoing a similar phase in their life. There are also apps which contain a huge collection of self-recovery stories and also motivational audio which can be played to stay strong during moments of weakness.

4. Radio focusing on sobriety

Continuous exposure to a certain way of thinking can force our thought process to follow the same ideas. This is the logic behind radio stations which focus on spreading awareness of the effects of addiction and also help people during the recovery process.

Since such radio stations cannot be found in every locality, the internet comes to the rescue again. Internet radio can help us find the right radio station which continues to motivate us to stick to sobriety while also listing the benefits of a better way of life.

5. Social Media

Your social accounts like Facebook and Instagram can also play a vital role in the recovery process. In addition to having plenty of pages which support and encourage sobriety, there are also different kinds of people and real life stories to remind you that even you can stay away from such addictive substances and get back to a better life.

Pages which continue to fill your account with positive messages as well as encouragement from your friends as you list the number of days that you have spent getting sober, will definitely act as stepping stones for your final goal.

6. Blogging

Spreading the story of your struggle is not something that everyone would try out. But writing posts of your dependence and subsequent sobriety can give you the closure that you required and also the acceptance amongst the online community.

Your story would serve its purpose of being present for anyone to read and may even change the course of someone’s life by motivating them. Putting your story out there for everyone to see is also like a permanent reminder that relapse is a bad choice to make.

Even though technology cannot be the only method to be relied upon during the process of sobering up, it can provide the right help and support which is required. Using technology in the right way will definitely make our life better in this respect.

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