Business Travellers – 10 Useful Hacks You Need To Know About

A business trip is not always something that you look forward to. You can experience a lot of the hassles that you do when traveling for leisure, but without the perk of being able to relax and enjoy yourself, once you reach your destination.

Business Travel Minimal Packing

If you want a business trip to be less of a headache, and to be as productive as possible, you need to try and limit the amount of issues that you have. It’s also a good idea to try and make the experience as pleasant as possible.

Try not to carry check in luggage

One of the most important things to remember, when you are traveling on business, is to be as minimalistic as possible. For business and leisure travellers – minimalist travel experiences are becoming more popular. When you are traveling for business, the concept is even more important. It makes sense that if you stick to carry-on luggage only, you can streamline the airport experience, giving you more time to reach your location, in time for important business meetings.

Direct flights are sometimes the best option

There are some trips which make it necessary to take connecting flights. If this is not the case, you should consider whether a direct flight is the best option. The less flights you take, the less likely you are to face delays, and the more likely it is that your trip will be successful.

Try putting this business case to the company to get funding for direct flights. If you are unsuccessful, you may even think it’s worth paying the extra yourself, in order to make the trip less stressful.

Keep a digital copy of documents

It’s easy to become complacent about travel documents, if you travel a lot. You convince yourself that you will never have a problem.

Travel Documents

The fact is that it makes sense to spend just a few minutes scanning your documents, to help make things easier if the originals do get lost.

Checking in late – try to get an upgrade

Most premier passengers will have already checked in, if you arrive late at the check in desk. This can be the perfect time to get an upgrade that will make the flight a lot more comfortable. Do not ask for an upgrade; simply be friendly, but professional, with the staff at the check in desk; you may even want to try talking about how much of a disaster your day has been so far.

Hopefully, they be impressed by how approachable you are, and try to make your day a bit better with that upgrade you are looking for.

Make use of online check-in

If you do not want to try the late check in approach then why not check in online. It makes everything a lot simpler on the day of travel, and making a business trip as simple as possible helps to make it less fraught for you.

Do not forget the little things

It’s easy to get so carried away with what is going to happen on the trip, that you forget the little things which can make life easier. One of these important little things is a mobile charger, so that you do not get stuck with a dead cell phone while you are traveling.

Try for a rental car upgrade

It’s unlikely that you will get an upgrade on your rental car when you make the booking. Wait until you go to collect the car and be polite and friendly. It helps to chat about how you wish you had a better rental, in order to help you feel more relaxed for the challenges ahead. If there any high-end vehicles which are just sitting on the lot, you may just be lucky enough to be upgraded.

Check for perks your credit cards can give you

Do not forget to check any credit cards you use for possible travel perks. You may be able to get a room upgrade, just by taking the time to check.

Make use of travel apps

You have enough to think about during a business trip, so why not use some of the latest travel apps to deal with aspects of your trip such as navigation and keeping track of your budget. Using technology in this way gives you more time to concentrate on meeting with important clients.

Use these travel hacks to make your business trip a simpler and more productive experience.

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