5 Business Inventions of 2018 That You Should Know About

Today’s business world is constantly changing. The way consumers think and behave keeps evolving by the day. As an entrepreneur, adapting to these changes is critical. Innovation is a key success factor in business.

Self-made billionaires have one thing in common; timely and incredible inventions that made an indelible mark on the way we live and work, forever. 2018 is a year that will experience some of the most significant and world greatest business inventions of all time.

Let’s look at 5 business inventions of 2018 that you should know about.

1. Bitcoin Trader Software

The bitcoin trader is a new business invention that enables ordinary people to trade in cryptocurrency and make millions. This secure software uses algorithms to make very fast calculations when determining the outcome of a trade.

Bitcoin Mining And Trading

Thus, the Bitcoin Trader trading robot can deal without making mistakes that lead to losses.

Top10 Crypto Robots have reviewed this software and highly recommend it for people all over the world who want to reap great profits from the Bitcoin offers.

2. The Bitcoin Loophole

The bitcoin loophole is one great invention that you should know about in 2018. Invented and developed by Steve McKay, this trading software is capable of working out complex algorithms to ensure high accuracy and speed. This enables you to make profitable trades without previous experience in crypto trading.

One great thing about this invention is the free sign up. Yes, once you complete the registration form, you will get a free trading license and start making that investment that could change your life forever.

3. The Stainless Steel Ember Mug

After many years of research, engineering, and design, Ember technology has come up with the perfect mug for your coffee.

The stainless steel ember mug has an advanced cooling and controlled heating system that works together simultaneously to give you the perfect coffee drinking experience.

With this mug, you can enjoy your coffee at any time of day or night without scalding your mouth. This Ember mug is revolutionizing the market with thousands of mugs already sold in the US markets.

4. Green Energy

The burning of fossil fuels has greatly contributed to the global warming effect, a challenge that is affecting the world today.

With the dwindling of fossil fuels, alternative energy will be required to drive businesses now and in the future. Green energy is a source of energy that is replenished naturally by the sun, wind, geothermal heat and rainfall.

In 2018, look out for green energy business inventions that will change the world. Solar panels are lighting up Africa. These small and affordable panels are used to charge mobile phones, power villages outside the electricity grid and empower communities. Business is booming and the flexible payment plan makes it easier for people to purchase in small monthly installments.

5. Self Driving Car

Want to ride in a self-driving vehicle? Well, in 2018 this dream might just become a reality.

Though this invention looks like a science fiction, vehicle manufacturers are working tirelessly to perfect the self-driving technology in 2018. If actualized this business invention will generate millions of dollars in sales.

For instance, the I-Pace Jaguar starting price is speculated to be $69,500.


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