How to Build a Webcam Site like Camsoda with Zero-Coding

A couple of years ago, I quit a sales job that was slowly killing my verve and passion to excel in life. I always wanted to become a web entrepreneur and an internet marketer.

I couldn’t deign to foray into adult entertainment industry. I had huge rage blackouts. Eventually, I mustered enough courage and it took me a little over 30 days to take the plunge.

Today, I own a couple of live sex camming sites. And yes, I am a proud owner of an adult sex forum that receives more than half-a-million hits every month.

Cam Girl On Couch

When I was taking questions on my forum, one of the participants interceded and asked a series of open-ended questions:

  • Hey Steve, how to start a webcam studio?
  • How to setup a webcam site?
  • How to start camming

I was flushed with many other questions. However, a vast majority of suggested questions resembled these two – How to start a cam site? And How to start a webcam company?

Well, I’m here to shed radiant light on how to setup a webcam site. But before that, let me assure you that you need not put your nose to the grindstone. Don’t freak out.

Just relax and read on.

Step #1: Domain Registration

Short and catchy domain names are way better than long and non-catchy ones. Shorter and relevant domain names have multiple SEO advantages.

Register a domain name for your live camming site on

Step #2: Adult Turnkey Script

What sets smart webmasters apart is their ability to use turnkey software. It’s a no brainer.

Who likes to embrace the troubles of writing copious lines of code? It takes more than 3 months to write bug-free code.

Moreover, are you acquainted with programming languages? Even experienced full stack developers have a hard time writing optimized code for adult webcam sites.

Testing your adult webcam site is a different ball game. If you honor this traditional approach, your live camming site will never be whole and complete.

So, what’s the secret sauce? Adult turnkey script

I recommend xCams for its ease of use, growth hacking features like themed templates, payment gateways, mobile apps, round the clock support, super-fast and high scalability, and multiple monetization channels.

Step #3: Site Design

Choose a layout template. The default template of xCams is likely to meet your expectations. If you want a more personalized template, allow the support team to create a uniquely designed layout template that panders to your requirements.

It goes without saying that layout templates are responsive. Regardless of the size and screen resolution of devices, your live camming site exceeds expectations of your audience.

Step #4: Branding

Make sure to add your own business name and logo. To augment your profit, you can choose a few add-ons.

If you don’t want to get your hands dirty, drop a note to the support team of Adent. Mention your site customization requirements. They shall honor your requirements.

Step #5: Software Installation

Software installation is no big deal. Software installation process is initiated by the development team of Adent as soon as you purchase xCams

You will get access to 4 pre-installed dashboards:

  • User Dashboard
  • Model Dashboard
  • Studio Dashboard
  • Admin Dashboard

Now, allow me to explain the purpose of the aforementioned 4 dashboards.

User Dashboard: Users can send tips to their favorite models, buy premium stuff and a lot more

Model Dashboard: Models can offer different types of chat services like public chat, group chat, private chat, etc. They can set their respective charges per minute. Availability status is to be mentioned.

Studio Dashboard: If you partner with a studio for models, this dashboard lets the studio create profiles for models, view their advanced earnings, add or remove models and much more.

Admin Dashboard: This dashboard lets you do everything – model management, activity management, user management, commission management, etc.

Step #6: Scenario and Revenue Management

It’s important to assign a value to commission, tokens and banners. Admin Panel of xCams will let you update all the necessary primary settings.

Let me explain.

Total earnings stands at 100%
There are 3 stakeholders – Admin, Individual Models, and Studio.
Let’s call the models collaborating with studios as studio models

There are two scenarios

Scenario #1:
Admin → Individual Models.

Scenario #2:
Admin → Studio owner → Studio Models.

Let’s talk about the first scenario i.e., commission management between Admin and Individual models

Total – 100%
Admin – keeps 30%
Individual model – keeps 70%.

This is pretty straightforward.

Here’s the second scenario: Admin → Studio owner → Studio Models.

Total – 100%.
Admin – keeps 30%
Studio – Keeps 70%.
Out of this 70% – Studio can assign commission % to their studio models.

A studio that owns 70%, is entitled to assign less than or equal to 70% to any model in its purview.

Here’s an example:

Studio: Studio Universe.
Let’s assume Studio Universe has 5 models – Kate, Maria, Mary, Beth, and Scottie.
Studio Universe – 70% (assigned by the admin)
Studio assigns Kate – 55%
This means that Kate owns 55% and Studio takes 15% and admin takes 30%. Simple math!

If studio assigns Scottie 69%, it necessarily means that studio takes 1%. Of course, the Admin takes 30%.

Revenue management of models and studios is a zero sum game!

Step #7: Payment Settings

xCams has CCBill. You just need to create a merchant account with CCBill. Users can use either this payment gateway or other payment options such as Credit Card. If you want multiple payment gateways, drop a note to the support team.

Step #8: Legal Pages

Pay attention to the content of the following 4 pages that have everything to do with the laws of your legal residence:

  • Privacy Policy
  • Refund Policy
  • Terms of Use
  • USC 2257

Change the content accordingly.

That’s it. Your live camming site is ready. Didn’t I tell you that it’s easy?

Once there’s enough activity on your live camming site, start promoting it on adult content friendly social networks. Setup your sex camming site today. Cheers!

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